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China's NCPA to host "Festival Waltz" concert
A waltz-themed concert will be held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing on Feb. 6 and 7, ahead of the 2024 Spring Festival.
Chinese National Ballet to present 'Cinderella'
The National Ballet of China will present audiences with their production of "Cinderella" from Friday to Sunday in Beijing.
42nd Fadjr International Theater Festival in Tehran
Performers dance during the 42nd Fadjr International Theater Festival in Tehran, Iran, Jan. 29, 2024.
'Hamlet' in Tibetan opera playwright's eyes
The Tibetan version of "Hamlet" was performed in Beijing during its latest tour in 2023, following its 2021 premiere in Shanghai. It was translated by Nyima Dondrup, a national first-level playwright of Tibetan opera.
French theater director's 20-year ties with Chinese operas
French theater director Patrick Sommier has been devoted to passing on the true meaning of Chinese operas which, according to him, are the assembly of all art forms, to the French public.
Young people savor beauty of Chinese dance dramas
Chinese dance dramas have garnered high acclaim from youngsters due to their diverse themes, spanning human relations with nature, iconic literati and historical novels, and artistic practices from both the East and the West.
​Comedian Guo Degang initiates new cause to promote Peking Opera
China's popular cross-talk comedian and Peking Opera performer Guo Degang announced this week that he will head an art research commission dedicated to the promotion of the Qi School of Peking Opera.
Beijing's guilds enter golden era
Renovated historical buildings find new life as cultural centers and theaters, offering visitors a glimpse of the past.
Chinese traditional operas revitalized by social media
On China's popular social media Sina Weibo, the topic "How stunning is Chinese opera" has been read 26.32 million times and has sparked 18,000 discussions.
Budapest int'l Circus Festival kicks off
The 15th Budapest International Circus Festival, one of the world's most prestigious such events hosted by the Capital Circus of Budapest, opened here on Wednesday.
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