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Award-winning Mexican play to be re-staged in Beijing
Chinese audience will have a chance to see the classic Mexican drama "Social Image" in November.
Famed Berlin theater raises curtain in Beijing
Berlin's esteemed Schaubühne Theater's new show is playing at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing through Saturday.
China-Africa exchanges: Drumbeat links China and Africa
Cultural exchanges between China and Africa have a history going back centuries, and music is increasingly becoming a part of that.
Chinese ballet performances wow Egyptian audience
A large audience applauded after a Chinese ballet troupe presented a series of short programs including classical and modern ballet shows in Cairo.
Shanghai takes classic opera into new space
In a new production of the opera Magic Flute, prince Tamino is a young Westerner in Shanghai on a quest to rescue princess Pamina.
Girl aims to widen audience for traditional puppet show
Pingyang county is the hometown of the amazing provincial intangible cultural heritage: the Pingyang puppet show.
Unique show to showcase Peking Opera technique
The 200-year-old Peking Opera is an inalienable part of China's culture.
Chinese version of Bellini's opera debuts in Beijing
The National Center for the Performing Arts has brought together a renowned director and conductor, among other world-class artists, for its production of Vincenzo Bellini's La Sonnambula in Beijing.
Beijing play shows changes since reform and opening-up
A play that offers a glimpse into the life of Beijingers over the past four decades through the perspective of a group of antiques collectors has just been staged in Beijing.
Chorus rises for Russia
A Chinese opera inspired by Russian author Boris Vasilyev's tale of wartime heroism is set to make its St. Petersburg debut.
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