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Centuries-old Yunnan Opera springs to life from oblivion
Despite bearing a history of over 200 years, almost as old as Peking Opera, Yunnan Opera -- native to southwest China's Yunnan Province -- is perhaps known to only a few people.
Famous artwork inspires dance
The dance piece, titled Poetic Dance: The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting, premiered in Beijing and is now touring nationwide.
Chinese comedy on stage to be shown in UK, US
Writing in Water, a Chinese contemporary comedy created by director Stan Lai, will be screened in the UK and US on Nov. 28. 
Late Peking Opera artist comes alive through VR
Mei Lanfang (1894-1961) was a world-renowned Chinese artist of Peking Opera who made prominent contributions to the improvement and popularization of the art form.
Dancing in step with history
Playing Wang in the dance drama, Zhang Han, seems to have a dialogue stretching back across time and space.
Star dancers perform in showcase gala
Over 20 star dancers of the Beijing Dance Academy performed in a gala showcasing the beauty of traditional Chinese dance in Shanghai.
Symposium covers Peking Opera education
The Ninth Peking Opera Studies Symposium was hosted by the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts from Nov 5 to 7, detailing Peking Opera education through speeches and panel discussions.
Drumming up heritage with youngsters in Hebei
The Lihua drum is a popular form of entertainment in which a performer sings folk songs to the accompaniment of the drum.
Major ballet festival sees return of majestic art form
The fifth China International Ballet Season will kick off on Nov. 12 and run through Dec 26 at Tianqiao Theater in Beijing.
17th China Theater Festival concludes in Wuhan
​The 17th China Theater Festival, a Chinese national performing arts event, concluded Wednesday in the capital of central China's Hubei Province, Wuhan.
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