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A celebration of traditional music
Recognizing the rising popularity of traditional music, the NCPA has launched a festival, Spring of Traditional Chinese Music.
Gu Ailing, Su Yiming show musical talents at China Ice and Snow Night Gala
Gu Ailing is well known as an Olympic champion. So is Su Yiming. But they showed their talents beyond sports on Saturday at the China Ice and Snow Night Gala, an event held to pay tribute to the people who contributed to the 2022 Winter Olympics.
Lang Lang performs at highest railway station in Europe
Lang Lang gave a solo piano performance at Jungfraujoch in Europe to promote cultural exchanges between China and Europe by means of music.
Beijing Int'l Pop Music Festival begins
From April 12 to 21, 12 new bands will perform at Omni Space in Beijing, as part of the Beijing International Pop Music Festival.
American drummer enlivens Shanghai neighbors
A 37-year-old American drummer has transformed his balcony into a stage, winning applause and cheers from his neighbors.
Father empowers disabled daughter with music
A girl with an intellectual disability from Suzhou learned to play more than 300 songs with Erhu and flute and won many prizes thanks to her father.
Mastering the instruments of fate
Folk Music Troupe enables musicians with physical challenges to follow their dream.
Banding together, modern technology opens new doors
"The world is beautiful. Just listen." This is the comment that got the most "likes" during the livestream of the Shanshui Folk Music Troupe.
Rock music venues work together to beat the blues
The air is pulsing with heavy rock inside On The Way, a popular live music club in Hefei, Anhui province.
Tianjin Juilliard gets new leadership team
The Juilliard School has announced a new team to lead Tianjin Juilliard, its first overseas campus, on March 30.
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