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Composing the magical soundscapes of Zootopia at Shanghai Disneyland
Music producers shared with the behind-the-scenes stories of their process in creating, reimagining, and adapting the iconic music for the upcoming Zootopia-themed land at Shanghai Disneyland.
Philadelphia Orchestra celebrates half-century bond with China in Suzhou
From the ode to friendship "Auld Lang Syne" to the traditional Chinese tune "Jasmine Flower," a concert was co-staged by the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra last week in Suzhou in east China's Jiangsu Province, celebrating the renowned U.S. ensemble's enduring bond with China.
Philadelphia Orchestra wraps up fruitful tour in China
After completing a fruitful visit to China, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra boarded a flight back home to the United States from Shanghai on Sunday morning.
​Lang Lang's new album explores French classics
Chinese pianist Lang Lang announced that his new album, "Lang Lang – Saint-Saëns," is set for release on March 1, 2024.
US musicians' performance at hospital warms hearts
A group of veteran musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra from the United States have come to Beijing — the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic, and several of them staged amazing performances at Peking Union Medical College Hospital this week.
Orchestral maneuvers move offline
The inauguration of the World Association for Performing Arts and the Beijing Forum for Symphonic Music will take place at the National Center for the Performing Arts on Nov 13 and 14, according to Zhu Jing, vice-president of the NCPA.
Luo Ning jazzes up the ivories
Pianist Luo Ning released his latest album, Rhapsody in Blue, on Nov. 8, in conjunction with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jing Huan.
Musical extravaganza will shine a spotlight on culture of Xiamen
The 2nd National Excellent Musical Showcase is scheduled to take place in Xiamen between Nov. 10 and 25.
Erhu virtuoso showcases Chinese culture, music charm at UN
​"Her erhu narrates universal tales, with its two strings painting scenes beyond words," a UN-based journalist said after experiencing a concert by Chinese erhu virtuoso Ma Xiaohui.
Iconic composer recalls birth of East-meets-West classic Butterfly Lovers
The Butterfly Lovers is a Chinese legend centered around the tragic romance between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, considered as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet.
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