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Orchestra celebrates the nation's musical youth
Between Saturday and Sept. 4, three concerts will be staged at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.
Artists find common tunes while presenting traditional Chinese music in Bangkok
​In a rare concert, a traditional Chinese musical instrument erhu releases sentimental chants to the tidal companion of piano notes, touching nerves of audience.
'Sing! China' suspended after Coco Lee controversy
Zhejiang Satellite TV announced on Friday that it has temporarily suspended the popular singing contest reality show "Sing! China" because of recent controversies.
Adding art to ancient architecture
Virtuoso Wu Man skillfully plucks the strings of a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) pipa alongside young musicians playing instruments like the nanyin pipa, which dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
Broadway's classic musical Sound of Music concludes Macao tour
​The Sound of Music, a classic Broadway musical, concluded its two-week 16-performance tour in Macao on Wednesday, attracting over 10,000 audiences in total, according to the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government.
Chinese composer celebrates legendary Japanese monk
Composer Zou Ye hesitated when he was commissioned by the China Philharmonic Orchestra to write a piece about Kukai's legendary life.
2023 Xinjiang Tacheng Accordion Art Festival kicks off
The 2023 Xinjiang Tacheng Accordion Art Festival and the "China Accordion City" Awarding Ceremony kicked off in Tacheng, Xinjiang.
Gen Z performing-arts audiences embrace participation with passion
Performing arts centers staging the show "Romeo and Juliet" drew numerous exuberant young audiences.
Voice of Chengdu Games tells another happy tale
Jihao Youguo said the chance to perform at the opening ceremony of the games was the best gift she has ever received.
Single-stringed instrument of Jing ethnic group in Guangxi
The single-stringed instrument is unique to the Jing culture, capable of presenting exquisite melodies with the only string it has.
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