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Celebrating a nomadic culture
A film director uses a unique way to keep up the traditions of the ethnic Mongolian way of life.
Mandarin version of musical 'Mamma Mia!' set to return to China
The Mandarin version of the musical Mamma Mia! will return to China later this year.
Young Chinese composer to present personal concert in NY
Chinese composer and pianist Zhihua Hu will present her ensemble and piano compositions on Monday in Carnegie Hall, New York City.
Reality show lets the talented shine
Singer-songwriter Mao Buyi stands on stage, smiling shyly and gazing at his fans, who are gathering around and screaming out his name.
New way to stardom
Talent shows which bring young Chinese wannabe singers into the spotlight is not in any danger of fading away.
China-UK Pop Music Summit draws to close in Beijing
The inaugural four-day China-UK Pop Music Summit was held in Beijing from 28 June to July 1.
Excitement builds for CMIC Awards with nominations announcement
Nominations for the second CMIC (China Music Industry Committee) Music Awards, were announced on June 29 in Beijing.
Chinese American singer delivers idea of US-China cultural exchanges
Hao Jiang Tian brought a group of Western tenors and sopranos to San Francisco to sing the most popular Chinese songs.
6th Int'l Morin Khuur Festival kicks off in Mongolia
The Sixth International Morin Khuur Festival cum Competition kicked off Saturday.
Joe Jackson passes away at 89
Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, died Wednesday at a Las Vegas hospital at the age of 89.
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