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Sydney Opera House shines green, gold to support Matildas
The sails of Australia's iconic Sydney Opera House were illuminated green and gold on Monday to support Matildas in their round-of-16 clash with Denmark at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.
Int'l student choir strikes a chord with tales of China
Many students graduating from Shenzhen University have been inspired by an evocative song.
Chinese song contest finalists explore National Aquatics Center
Finalists of the 2023 "Culture China - Water Cube Cup" Chinese Song Contest were treated to a special visit to the National Aquatics Center in Beijing on Aug. 5, where they explored the venue's multifaceted offerings.
Chinese pop icon Lay Zhang partners with Pokemon on new single
Chinese pop icon Lay Zhang has partnered with the globally beloved entertainment franchise Pokemon to launch a new single and accompanying music video titled "Pokemon Party," scheduled for release on Aug. 4.
'Water Cube Cup' Chinese Song Contest concludes with spectacular regional finals
The 2023 "Culture China - Water Cube Cup" Chinese Song Contest reached its thrilling conclusion on Aug. 1 in Beijing, marking the successful completion of the Overseas Regional Youth Group Finals and the Hong Kong and Macao Regional Finals.
Ancient guqin regains vitality with individual preservation efforts
During a gathering of amateur guqin players in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, numerous attendees eagerly queued up for a chance to play a rare piece of this ancient seven-stringed zither dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Melodious folk singing reverberates in remote village
In recognition of its cultural significance, the United Nations inscribed the grand song into the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.
Youth orchestra sets the tone
Some of the greatest names in classical music gather every July at the mountain town of Verbier, Switzerland, for an exceptional concert series.
Music festival energizes small town at foot of Mount Qomolangma
Applause resounded through an open space in Zhaxizom Township, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on Sunday night. The air was filled with excitement as performers presented enchanting songs and dances to the delighted crowd.
Streets come alive with the sounds of music
This year's Music in the Summer Air festival took music to the streets of Shanghai from July 9 to 15, performing classical music in public spaces.
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