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China Cultural Center in Cairo launches Chinese song singing contest
China Cultural Center in Cairo on Thursday announced the start of the Chinese song singing contest "Egypt Sings 2022" or "WeSing" contest.
Telkom Kenya partners with Boomplay on access to music
​Boomplay, a music streaming platform, on Wednesday partnered with Kenya's telecom firm, Telkom Kenya, to deepen access to songs in the country.
Award-winning composer Tan Dun releases new album
Award-winning composer Tan Dun has made a unique mark on the world music scene with creative works.
In HK, concert breathes new life into world heritages
As part of a cultural event on Tuesday celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland and the opening of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, the concert brought together two world heritages of different times and spaces, a meaningful combination that tells the long history of Chinese civilization, said Louis Ng, director of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, which co-organized the event.
Dong people keep culture alive through music
The pipa songs of the Dong people were listed as one of China's national intangible cultural heritages in 2011.
Chinese songwriter Qiao Yu dies at 95
Renowned Chinese songwriter Qiao Yu died in Beijing on June 19. He was 95.
Folk singer vows to make 'mountain songs' heard worldwide
Growing up listening to Hua'er, a type of folk song performed by ethnic groups in northwestern China, Sa Lina, 36, used to refer it as being a bit rustic.
When the past strikes a chord
The konghou is believed to have been first introduced in China through the Silk Road, a network of Eurasian trade routes, during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220).
Nanjing to hit high notes
Traditional musicians will be on song and in tune for the 2022 Nanjing Music Festival, which commences on Thursday.
Musical heritage resounds in Xinjiang village
"There are more than 70 households in the village that are mainly engaged in making traditional musical instruments, accounting for one tenth of the total," added Dong.
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