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Israel chooses Tel Aviv to host 2019 Eurovision Song Contest
Israel's coastal city of Tel Aviv-Yafo was chosen on Thursday as the host of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, an international song competition held primarily among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).
Chinese music concert in the US
Erhu, guzheng, suona, pipa, and more-Chinese traditional music instruments which appear mysterious to many Americans, caused quite a stir in late August at the Sanders Theater at Harvard University in the United States.
American 'musical diplomat' wows crowds, dreams big in China
Slater Rhea has become a musical phenomenon in China with his uncanny command of Chinese folk and pop songs and fluent Mandarin.
Music concert to be held in Imperial Ancestral Temple
Deutsche Grammophon and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday announced a plan to hold a classical music concert in Beijing's Imperial Ancestral Temple next month.
French actress Juliette Binoche stages musical in Shanghai
Renowned French actress Juliette Binoche staged her new musical at Shanghai Grand Theater Monday night.
US violinist wins Shanghai int'l violin competition
The final ranking was announced at the Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition as the competition closed Saturday.
Shanghai int'l violin competition announces winners
​The final ranking was announced at the Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition as the three-week-long competition closed Saturday.
SEPHORA China welcomes Z.TAO as brand ambassador
SEPHORA, the world's largest cosmetics retailer, ropes in Z.TAO, a famous Chinese singer and actor, as its brand ambassador Friday in Shanghai.
Orchestral maneuvers
The symphony orchestra of the Silk Road International League of Theaters will embark on a tour of China and debut in Europe next year.
Chinese musician aims to help US kids
Keys of Inspiration aims to reach 30,000 low-income children in 80 public schools across the United States by 2020.
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