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Album brings Baroque Bach
Harpsichord player and organist Jiang Yushan revisits the composer Bach's rarely performed pieces for keyboards.
Forbidden City hosts New Year's concert series
Veteran conductor Yang Li and soprano Guo Fei, along with The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, presented a range of classical works.
China National Symphony Orchestra reveals programs in 2023
China National Symphony Orchestra announced its program list for the 2023 season on Dec 27 in Beijing.
Concert featuring ancient poetry set to debut in the US
A concert that features Tang Dynasty (618-907) poems is set to hit the United States next month to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and the 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia Orchestra's historic 1973 tour of China.
Young Cameroonians show talent in competition
15 young Cameroonians participated in a Chinese singing competition to show their talent and Chinese language skills.
Music show presents a live-concert experience
A music show to evoke memories of attending a live concert has been recently aired on Tencent's video-sharing platform.
Live concert takes old maqam music into young Iraqis' hearts
In an old building near the Tigris River running through Baghdad, a weekly-staged music ensemble of Iraqi maqam offers the audience a nostalgic journey into the past everyday life of the Iraqi capital.
Concert hall debuts new immersive production
A new immersive theater show at the Music Infinity space of the Shanghai Concert Hall takes audiences on a morning metro train ride with a young man on the way to work.
Wang Sulong releases new album 21st Century Romance
Singer-songwriter Wang Sulong, released his 10th album, with an eponymous exhibition taking place at Beijing's 798 Art Zone.
Cultural diversity and ethnic unity celebrated
A concert included items which have been proclaimed intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, was held online recently.
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