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Grave Robbers 'Chronicles' sequel released to fanfare
Xu Lei - perhaps better known by his pen name, Nanpai Sanshu - recently revealed his bestselling tomb-raiding franchise will expand to a new generation of teen adventurers.
Animated exhibits make debut in Beijing
From Mickey Mouse and Bambi to Dragon Ball and Astro Boy, whatever their taste, cartoon fans are in for a treat at a Beijing expo.
'If Treasures could Talk' returns to screen
"If Treasures could Talk" is a documentary about Chinese cultural relics jointly produced by China Central Television and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.
Indy flick Mirrors and Feathers set for China release
Mirrors and Feathers, this year's top winner at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, will be released in more than 430 cinemas around China.
Youku signs deal with Suning Sports to expand offerings
Youku announced in Beijing that its mother company, the Hangzhou-based Alibaba Group, had reached a strategic agreement with Suning Sports.
Four films that define Bruce Lee
July 20 marks the 45th anniversary of the passing of movie star Bruce Lee.
China sees sizzling summer movie market
Several domestically-made movies have hit home runs in the Chinese box office since July.
All set for release of Sino-US coproduction
​The Sino-US coproduction Magical Circus: Animal Crackers will be unleashed in Chinese cinemas on July 21.
Best animation nominee at Shanghai Film Festival to be released
Disney veteran Tony Bancroft's animation film "Magical Circus: Animal Crackers" will be released on Saturday.
What caused China's costliest film to be pulled from cinemas?
Fantasy film "Asura" touted as China's most expensive movie production with a 750-million-yuan budget, was pulled from cinemas on Sunday.
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