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China-funded 'Green Book' wins at Golden Globes
"Green Book," funded in part by Alibaba Pictures, became the biggest winner receiving three honors at the 76th annual Golden Globes held in Los Angeles on Sunday.
'Aquaman' tops North American box office for third weekend in a row
Warner Bros.' "Aquaman" continued to lead North American box office with an estimated 30.7 million U.S. dollars for a third weekend in a row, pushing its North American total to 259.72 million dollars for a whopping global cume of 940.7 million dollars.
Better story-telling, new directors underpin rise of Chinese domestic films
New trends in the Chinese film market, such as films that resonate with viewers and the rise of new directors, have helped domestic films consolidate their advantage and garner a higher market share in 2018, according to experts and recent industry reports.
Tyson-starring action film 'China Salesman' to hit big screens
The Chinese action film "China Salesman" starring Li Dongxue, Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal and Janicke Askevold will hit Chinese mainland cinemas next Wednesday, the film's director and producer said.
'A Dog's Way Home' to hit Chinese screens
American adventure film "A Dog's Way Home" will hit Chinese screens on Jan. 18.
Co-produced animated film to hit theaters
"White Snake," an animated film co-produced by Light Chaser Animation in China and Warner Bros. Pictures in the United States, will hit the big screen in China on Jan. 11.
'Bumblebee' producer mulls more Transformers movies
The Transformers universe could expand even further with its producer considering more movies for the profitable franchise after the latest installment of "Bumblebee."
Amateur director's award-winning film hits cinemas
A documentary recording amateur director Lu Qingyi's family life over four Spring Festivals is about to hit the heartstrings of thousands of people who work far from their home and parents.
Deadliest cities built on wheels shown in Mortal Engines
Filmmakers of "The Lord of the Rings" have a new offering, "Mortal Engines", a sci-fi fantasy film will be released in Chinese theatres on Jan. 18.
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