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New TV show puts foreigners in unique jobs in China
Nearly 500 expats from across the globe have applied to participate in a reality television show.
Monkey King actor celebrates mini-Beijing landmark
Zhang Jinlai and 3 fellow actors from TV series "Journey to the West" reunited in Beijing to unveil a miniature model of the old tower of CCTV.
'Animal World' tops China's box office on opening day
As a hotly anticipated blockbuster of the summer, Han Yan's Animal World has managed to top China's box office charts on its opening day.
Foreign filmmakers descend on Inner Mongolia
A ceremony was held in Kangbashi district, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on July 1, to mark the start of the 2018 Looking China International Youth Film Project, which has been held in the city for three consecutive years.
'Chinese Modern Film Week' concludes in Warsaw
The five-day "Chinese Modern Film Week" concluded here on Saturday, after bringing 10 Chinese films to Polish movie lovers.
New rules keep stars' pay down to earth
Rules issued to curb film stars' exorbitant pay and prevent tax evasion, showing China's determination to anchor the rapidly expanding showbiz industry.
China's media landscape shifts as domestic, original TV show formats become increasingly popular
Only a few years ago, when people talked about the TV industry, China was seen as a key buyer and a gigantic export market.
BRICS film to focus on women
Jia Zhangke has again used his overseas influence to bring in foreign counterparts to work on an upcoming coproduction.
Motion Picture Academy invites hundreds of new, diverse members
​The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has send out invitations to 928 potential new members to reflect its push for diversity.
'Shoplifters' director influenced by Chinese filmmakers
​Tickets for the latest Palme d'Or-winning "Shoplifters" may be the most sought after during the Shanghai International Film Festival.
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