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Chinese musical 'Perhaps Love' screened at Paris film festival
"Perhaps Love," a Chinese musical film directed by Hong Kong director Peter Chan, was screened during the 5th Foreign Films Week in Paris on Saturday.
Actress Jiang Wenli poses for fashion magazine
Actress Jiang Wenli posed for fashion magazine.
'Black Panther' tops Chinese box office
"Black Panther" led the Chinese film market on Saturday, earning 170 million yuan (about US$26.86), according to Maoyan, a popular film database in China.
Awarding winning Chinese film to premiere in New York
Awarding winning film Ballad From Tibet by Chinese director Zhang Wei is scheduled to premiere in New York City on Saturday, March 10.
'AI is Coming': Sci-fi comedy film set for online release
Will artificial intelligence change or even threaten the humankind? This theme which has inspired a number of Hollywood blockbusters will feature again in an upcoming domestic movie.
Classic female characters in Chinese films and TV dramas
In Chinese culture, women are always the focus of literary and artistic works. "She" can be tender, kind, pretty and wise on one hand, but also sexy, independent, considerate and straightforward on the other.
'Haier Brothers' soon to make a comeback
"When thunder crashes, it will rain, leiou; when it rains, you have to hold an umbrella, leiou; when it's cold, you have to put on a heavy jacket, leiou."
'Operation Red Sea' tops Chinese box office
Chinese anti-terrorism action film "Operation Red Sea" led the Chinese film market in the week ending March 4, earning 868 million yuan (about 137 million U.S. dollars), according to China Film News.
Film on Chinese parachute students to hit theaters
A documentary that centers on the cross-cultural experience of Chinese parachute students in the United States will hit theaters across the country in mid-March.
Francis McDormand wins Best Actress Award of 90th Oscars
Francis McDormand Sunday won the Best Actress at the 90th Academy Awards for her role in dark comedy drama film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."
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