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'Iron Road' to show at Canadian Film Day
An international co-production film "Iron Road" will be screened at the National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) which is to kick off Wednesday.
Beijing int'l film festival carnival opens in Huairou
The Film Carnival of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) opened on April 14 at the Film & Television Industry Park in Beijing's Huairou district, attracting well-known filmmakers, directors, and actors, as well as a huge number of visitors.
China's revolutionary films to be shown in US
A total of 21 Chinese revolutionary films will be broadcast in the United States during a screening by the Sino-American film and TV festivals recognized by both the American and Chinese governments.
China-produced disaster film 'SkyFire' to debut worldwide
"SkyFire," a Chinese action disaster movie directed by Hollywood film director Simon West, is to hit the global screen later this year.
Filmmakers, experts review 70 years of film development in China
Chinese filmmakers and experts look back on 70 years of development of China's film industry since the founding of the PRC in Beijing on Sunday.
'P Storm' tops daily China box office
Hong Kong action thriller "P Storm" was the highest grossing film on the Chinese mainland market on Saturday, according to China Movie Data Information Network.
China-Netherlands children's film industry exchange activities held
A series of China-Netherlands children's film industry exchange activities are being held from April 13 to 20 as part of the Beijing International Film Festival.
Project Gutenberg becomes big winner at Hong Kong Film Awards
The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony was held on Sunday at the Hong Kong Cultural Center, with Project Gutenberg being the big winner which bagged seven awards.
Houston film festival's China focus draws praise from industry
The 52nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival paid a great deal of attention to Chinese movies and moviemakers.
'Avengers: Endgame' skyrockets in China's box office
Upcoming Hollywood superhero blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" has become an instant phenomenon in China as its advanced box office sales set records amid complaints of astronomical ticket prices.
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