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Director brings fresh air to China's tomb raider franchise
Director Fei Xing described how he worked hard to introduce fresh blood to the latest installment of the controversial smash hit Chinese tomb raider fantasy franchise "Mojin."
Turkey's new TV channel seeks to be voice of women
​A TV channel dedicated to women was launched recently in Istanbul amid a gloomy picture for the second sex in Turkey, with a pledge to be "the rising voice of women from every segment of society and in every field of life."
Senior official calls for concerted efforts to build film-making powerhouse
​A senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official on Friday called on China's film makers to join hands to make the country a power in the film industry.
'Kill Mobile' shaking up modern relationships
The upcoming release of the dark satire-comedy "Kill Mobile" may stir up controversy among lovers and test social relationships in China, especially as people rely more on their devices to communicate.
Success of films with Chinese elements in N America excites Hollywood insiders
​The success of Hollywood films with Chinese elements at North American box office in 2018 has attracted interest from critics and Hollywood insiders, triggering enthusiastic discussions about cooperation between Chinese and American film industries.
A Dog's Way Home to be released in China on Jan. 18
A lot can happen on a long journey. Upcoming American movie "A Dog's Way Home" tells such a story.
Vicky Zhao marks 4 years of aid to leukemia patients
Chinese actress Vicky Zhao marked the fourth anniversary of the launch of the V-Love Fund for Leukemia by presenting a documentary with the charity's cofounder in Beijing on Wednesday.
'Aquaman' continues to lead Chinese box office
The DC Comics superhero film "Aquaman" has continued to lead the Chinese mainland box office, for the third straight week, according to China Film News.
Peppa Pig to teach China's Lunar New Year traditions through film
Peppa Pig's movie adaptation, composed of live action and animation, is scheduled to hit Chinese theatres on Feb. 5th.
Save the year's last day for 'Long Day's Journey into Night'
Critically acclaimed art-house film "Long Day's Journey Into Night" has drawn record presales due to inspired marketing, but industry observers note the possibility of backlash.
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