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'Star Wars' fans thrilled at brand-new section in Disneyland
"In a dark theater called the Cineramadome in late 1976, my late mom, brother and myself looked up at the movie screen and were immediately mesmerized by the music and the ominous scope of this black outer space image freckled with stars... For us, it was more than spectacular," a "Star Wars" fan first-named Randall tweeted.
Zhang Ziyi: New Godzilla film 'eye-opening' experience
Internationally-famed Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi believes her role in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" has depth, and that the filming process is an "eye-opening" experience, although she didn't actually see the real monster.
New Godzilla film to open in China
Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment's action film "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" will be put on general release in Chinese theaters starting Friday, after multiple test screenings.
'Avengers 4' ends theatrical run in China with milestones
Blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" ended its theatrical run in Chinese cinemas on May 24 with a host of box office records and becoming the third highest-grossing film ever in domestic movie history.
'Fox Hunt' film launched in Beijing
The new film "Fox Hunt," based on the Chinese global anti-corruption operation, was launched in Beijing last Friday.
Filming begins for movie based on China's campaign against economic fugitives
A new movie portraying China's Operation Fox Hunt, which targets economic fugitives, has started filming, according to the Ministry of Public Security.
Films of acclaimed Taiwan director screened in Beijing
Four films by acclaimed Taiwan director Lee Hsing are being screened in Beijing as part of a cross-Strait film show.
'Aladdin' dominates North American box office
Disney's live-action fantasy film "Aladdin" dominated the North American box office with a 3-day 86.1 million U.S. dollar take in its opening weekend.
Cross-Strait film show brings 6 Taiwan films to mainland
Six films from Taiwan will be screened in two Chinese mainland cities in the last week of May as a cross-Strait film show opened in Beijing on Sunday.
Music documentary film reflects challenges and hopes of time-honored musical instrument
"SHAKUHACHI: One Sound, One life," a music documentary will be screened in China starting on May 31.
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