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'The Painted Bird' premieres at Venice Film Festival
"The Painted Bird" by Czech director Vaclav Marhoul premiered in competition at the ongoing Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, with a black-and-white evocation of a boy's survival through the bloody end of Second World War.
Atom Egoyan's 'Guest of Honor' premieres in Venice
Canadian director Atom Egoyan's "Guest of Honor" premiered in competition here at the 76th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday, bringing on large screen an intimate drama investigating family relations, secrets, and emotional bonds.
China's Vskit video app thrills African youths
Vskit is addictive, and "I cannot stop using it," said Kenyan Claire Fenty, referring to a Chinese-developed app specializing in African short-video sharing.
'Ne Zha' 2nd place on Chinese mainland's all-time box office chart
China's top-grossing animated film "Ne Zha" has risen to the second place on the box office chart covering all the films ever screened on the Chinese mainland, behind only "Wolf Warrior 2," according to an announcement by the film's official Weibo account.
Julie Andrews lauded in Venice with lifetime award
Veteran actress and singer Julie Andrews has been honoured with the Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the Venice Film Festival.
China ends summer film season with unstoppable 'Ne Zha'
China's summer film season was saved by the phenomenal animated feature "Na Zha", while the total gross earnings of the seasonal films slightly declined year-on-year.
Alibaba builds platform to support arthouse films
Alibaba Pictures announced that it will build a unique platform with the Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas to promote arthouse films in China at the premiere of the film "Free Solo" held in Beijing.
'Angel Has Fallen' wins North American box office
Lionsgate and Millennium's "Angel Has Fallen" easily maintained its reign in North America, adding 11.57 million U.S. dollars during its second weekend of release.
Chinese animated hit 'Ne Zha' debuts in North America
Chinese box-office hit "Ne Zha," the highest-grossing animated film ever in China, debuted in North America on Thursday.
'Ad Astra' premieres at Venice, propelling soul-searching Brad Pitt's in deep space
American director James Gray's film "Ad Astra" premiered here at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday, offering a multi-dimension story that explores the humanity's eternal thirst for exploration, and the painful journey of a man into his own soul.
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