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Hit travel reality show, ventures abroad to Laos
HAHAHAHAHA puts spotlight on railway that brings guests between countries with ease.
US movie 'Civil War' to hit screens on Chinese mainland
"Civil War," a dystopian movie produced by a U.S. indie studio that alludes to political and social divide in the United States, is scheduled to land in movie theaters on the Chinese mainland on June 7.
Suspense film starring two Oscar-winning actresses to hit mainland theaters
China Film Group Corporation has acquired the rights to showcase the psychological thriller Mothers' Instinct, featuring acclaimed actresses Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, in domestic theaters starting from Friday.
'The Last Frenzy' stays on top of Chinese mainland box office chart
Chinese comedy "The Last Frenzy" continued to top the daily box office chart in the Chinese mainland on Tuesday, data from the China Movie Data Information Network showed.
NBA Finals to offer immersive experience
NBA China and IMAX China have revealed plans to broadcast the 2024 NBA Finals live in handpicked IMAX cinemas in Hong Kong and Taiwan this June.
NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition unveils dazzling lineup
The 2024 NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition is set to captivate audiences from May 20 to July 31.
Chinese comedy 'The Last Frenzy' tops Chinese mainland box office chart
Chinese comedy "The Last Frenzy" claimed the top spot on the daily box office chart in the Chinese mainland on Saturday.
New film tells shocking true story of convicted murderers' marriage
Zhang Guoli, a renowned Chinese actor and director, has created a groundbreaking drama that focuses on the lives of two convicted murderers who get married, with the bride harboring shocking secrets from her past.
China Film Festival in Bulgaria bridges cultures through cinema
At the China Film Festival in Bulgaria, six Chinese films are expected to captivate audiences with their rich themes and diverse genres, exploring topics ranging from love and family to culture, tradition, and history.
Netflix to release second season of '3 Body Problem'
The hit Netflix series "3 Body Problem," adapted from the sci-fi trilogy by Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin, will return for a new season, the copyright holder Three-Body Universe confirmed on Thursday, following an earlier announcement by Netflix.
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