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China starts Lunar New Year with record box office receipts
China shot straight out of the box office gate with a new record as Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New year was celebrated on Friday.
Chinese broadcaster's Spring Festival Gala reaches global audiences
The highly anticipated 2021 Spring Festival Gala produced by China Media Group has reached a record 1.27 billion viewers around the globe, surpassing last year's 1.23 billion.
'Detective Chinatown 3' tops $100M in advance sales
"Detective Chinatown 3" saw advance ticket sales for the weeklong Spring Festival holiday, usually a busy moviegoing season in China, top 680 million yuan (about 105 million U.S. dollars) by Thursday morning.
Oscar shortlists for nine categories released
​The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its nomination shortlists for the 93rd Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, in nine categories.
New Year film offers message of hope and courage
The latest work of Lulu Wang, Chinese-American director of the Golden Globe-nominated film The Farewell, may surprise audiences with not just its content, but also its production format.
'The Yinyang Master' brings mobile game to the big screen
Fantasy action film "The Yinyang Master," based on the RPG game Onmyoji, is a visual feast with its myriad of monsters and demons.
China's advance Spring Festival holiday box office tops 600 mln yuan
Advance box office sales for China's upcoming weeklong Spring Festival holiday hit 600 million yuan (93 million U.S. dollars) by Tuesday morning.
CCTV teams up on Sino-overseas animations
CCTV cooperated with its overseas counterparts to produce animated series featuring pandas and signature animals of different countries.
Nezha myth retold in Chinese cyberpunk style
The animated feature New Gods: Nezha Reborn is scheduled to hit domestic theaters on the first day of Spring Festival, Feb 12.
'Detective Chinatown 3' leads China's advance Spring Festival sales
​"Detective Chinatown 3" saw advance ticket sales for the weeklong Spring Festival holiday, usually a competitive season for films in China, top 300 million yuan (46 million U.S. dollars) by Sunday morning.
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