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Grab the opportunity tourism industry offers
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a notice requiring management companies at tourism spots to promptly respond to changes in market demand, and optimize reservation measures to better serve visiting tourists.
British Museum obliged to return stolen antiques to their owners
Authorities at the British Museum in London said that around 2,000 artifacts had been stolen over a long period of time, adding later that some of the stolen items had been recovered.
Love for poetry fuels expansion of culture industry
In the 168-minute-long Chang An, some 48 poems composed during the Tang Dynasty are displayed and/or read aloud, impressing audiences.
China's worldview rooted in its ancient civilization
​​Chinese civilization, characterized by its vast scope and profound depth, stands as a treasure trove of inspiration for the contemporary Chinese worldview.
Measures needed to ensure people enjoy a good cup of tea
Tea culture embodies the Chinese culture of harmony between humans and nature, individuals and society.
Take Chinese culture to the neighbors first
It's true that people around the world are learning Chinese, and Vietnam as a neighbor has set a good example.
Which major and university next test after exams
The scores for this year's national college entrance exams were released. For the students who passed the exam, applying for university is a new test that has to be finished in about three weeks.
Changing times demand changed outlook on building giant universities
Top universities are popular sites for travelers, especially for Chinese parents and students to embrace the academic atmosphere.
Education needed to prepare students for employment
For Chinese students and their families preparing to make choices about where to study, the future can be daunting. How will decisions made now affect opportunity for employment success in the future?
Schools foster inclusive education
Boarding schools in China have been helping the government promote inclusive education and have made a significant contribution to the global poverty reduction goals, while providing a valuable reference for the world.
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