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​Improving future by advancing legal education for China's secondary students
China's recent move to promote legal education at the secondary school level is an important step that should be vigorously promoted to ensure future generations are fully equipped to enhance rule of law.
​Incredible rise of China's film industry
The rapid surge in China's box office is a testimony to the success of its transition towards a consumer economy. It's also a strong illustration of the country's lucrative market potential.
Heading south for Spring Festival
For Spring Festival 2021, I traded in the hustle and bustle of Beijing to resettle in the suburbs of Guangzhou. This was my experience.
A better year for China and the world
In the face of the world recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, multilateral cooperation remains the only reliable and safe antidote.
Real life stories from Xinjiang best refutation of US allegations
The normal yet fulfilled life stories show that Xinjiang's anti-terrorism efforts are working. This in itself is the best refutation of the U.S. allegations.
A world made better by genuine communication and dialogue
The world faces many difficult challenges in 2021 and the most important thing in coping with these is good communication, in which listening is as vital as talking.
Rise of MOOCs in China offers more educational opportunities amid pandemic
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has heightened interest and encouraged exploration with regard to the potentials and possibilities of online education.
Making island tourism a sustainable model
As international tourism booms, the numerous islands around the world have to develop strategies to tap into this without destroying the aspects that first made them attractive to visitors.
2020 World AIDS Day: Global solidarity, shared responsibility
This year's World AIDS Day is like no other. In China, we witnessed solidarity and shared responsibility between government and community groups in ensuring HIV services even during the height of COVID-19.
Thanksgiving in the coronavirus era
With Thanksgiving here, the risk of an increased level of COVID-19 cases in the United States is very real. And Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations are also approaching to enhance the danger.
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