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Separatist antics halt cross-Straits exchanges
Movies and personnel from the Chinese mainland will not be taking part in the 56th Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei in November.
Crisis for middle-aged Chinese actresses
In China, although the government, the Constitution and society have promised women more rights, relevance and priority, the silent bias rooted in the dark side of the traditional culture still has the ability to cause pain.
Mulan and Shang-Chi: Not so Chinese as they seem
The Walt Disney Studios sees a bright future in the Chinese market and is trying to please local tastes; however, it now finds itself embroiled in a negative reaction over claims it is misinterpreting Chinese culture.
Documentaries put Chinese creativity in the frame
A project invites foreign filmmakers to visit China and use film to focus on activities that foster understanding and create bonds.
Preservation of culture in capital is key
Beijing's downtown area is speeding up the preservation of immovable cultural relics to better protect and utilize the city's cultural heritage.
Traditional opera attracts young audience with fashion
Using modern sound, light and digital stage effects, China's traditional Peking Opera is appealing to young people in a fashionable and innovative way, as the classic art faces an aging audience.
'Spirited Away' back to tap into nostalgia of Chinese moviegoers
Japanese animated film Spirited Away is becoming a huge box office success on the Chinese mainland 18 years after its original release in Japan.
Executives: China's film industry will revive
Top Chinese film executives convened at a summit Sunday, during the ongoing Shanghai International Film Festival, to rally faith in the future of the Chinese film industry.
Traditional customs bring us together
Through the years, we have been discussing how to protect the intangible cultural heritage, including traditional festivals. Here are some reflections on how to keep the traditions alive.
Giving our children the best gift of all
On Children's Day, children received toys, sweets, books and parties. But what is truly the best gift we can give them?
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