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New gaming regulations focus on balance and moderation
Balance and moderation are vital when it comes to the issue of preventing minors from falling into the pitfalls of online game addiction.
Chinese higher education lays foundation for brighter future
As demonstrated by China's rise in world university rankings, its higher education sector continues to improve and will play a pivotal role in boosting future economic growth.
​US pandemic complacency, anti-science culture pose grave risks
As the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread across the United States, the anti-science culture and conspiracy theories there are prolonging the tragic loss of life.
China shows resolve to ease burden on parents and children
China's recent regulation on after-school private tutoring and classes shows its resolve to make this sector non-profit so as to ease the burden on parents and children.
China demonstrates great commitment in world heritage protection
China has not only boosted the protection of its own national heritage but has also helped other countries protect their own cultural and natural treasures, a UNESCO official said.
Strive for a global community of health for all
At such a critical moment, humanity should work together to defeat COVID-19, and strive for a more resilient global health system which can protect the lives of future generations.
Zongzi more than just a summer holiday treat
But for some reason, zongzi has transcended these traditional Dragon Boat Festival roots, to become a beloved food at nearly every important gathering in a common family in Zhejiang.
Hollywood feels relieved after 'F9' success in China
​Vin Deisel's "Fast & Furious 9" or "F9" roared off the starting line this weekend, clocking up 137 million U.S. dollars in China's box office, the Deadline, a leading U.S. entertainment news website reported.
Chinese sci-fi leaders mull future of the industry
Leaders of China's science-fiction industry gathered in Hainan on Saturday to attend the 11th Chinese Nebula Awards and a summit to discuss the future of the industry.
Striving for a green future
China has been striving for its vision of sustainability based on the philosophy of green development. With all its endeavors, the green future is not a pipe dream for the country but a reality.
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