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Books describe a nation divided
Both of these books — "White Rage" and "White Trash" — offer a different "take" on people historically disdained and/or discriminated against in the United States: poor whites and Afro-Americans.
Chengdu – Capital of west China
In Chengdu, according to the 2011 "UNESCO City of Gastronomy," they cook peppers with a bit of food tossed in. And the people are as fiery as their food.
'China was the best experience of my life'
When the doors of the long-distance train opened, Yiqi was one of the first passengers to alight, and all my worries evaporated.
Twilight of the pretty boys
It seems the "young fresh meat" phenomenon has reached a tipping point.
Online video dramas out to find their niche
Once shot for commercial promotions and coupled with cheesy jokes, Chinese online video dramas now appear to be flourishing.
A wish called Wanda flies into Hollywood
Wanda's entertainment move is purely commercial, and it should be seen as such.
Another flick shines light on problems faced by the elderly
Hot on the heels of "A Simple Life" (2012) and "Happiness" (2016), another art-house film is portraying the aging population struggling with sickness and loneliness.
Almost a one-man army
A big star in his own right, Huang Lei uses his celebrity status to organize China's fastest-growing theater festival.
Is Halloween gaining popularity in China?
With Halloween fast approaching, Chengdu's metro issued a statement on its Weibo account, banning spooky costumes to avoid chaos and panic among passengers.
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