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Step into the shoes of kids to know their needs
Children are the hope and the future of every family, as well as nation, and cultivating a child-friendly society is of utmost importance.
Lesson from Audi's plagiarism scandal
Carmaker Audi and its advertising agency M&C Saatchi on Sunday apologized for running a video campaign featuring superstar Andy Lau Tak-wah, following accusations of plagiarism.
A new stage for vocational education
China's newly revised Vocational Education Law took effect on May 1 in the hope of promoting high-quality development of the country's vocational education sector.
The ABC of learning to live
In the coming semester in September, primary and secondary school pupils will find the new "practical activities" course in their schedule, with at least one class hour every week.
It's time to heed the voice of the youth
As the first social generation to have grown up having access to the internet and portable digital technology, Gen Z has been dubbed "digital natives" and accounts for about 24 percent of the world's population.
Why footfalls are falling at cinemas nationwide
Of bigger concern for cinemas is the fact that they may not see a reversal of the trend of declining numbers of cinemagoers, accelerated by the pandemic, in the post-pandemic era.
Overseas students' hard journey home to get jobs
The education authorities have taken an approach to encourage students to make their own decisions to study or work at home or abroad.
Beijing's parks a window into everyday life
Beijing is a city of parks. Some of the larger ones were once dynastic royal gardens; others were altars where annual ceremonies were once held.
Sharing is part of Chinese culture since ancient times
After visiting many kingdoms to study Chinese society, the ancient philosopher Confucius concluded that the Chinese "people don't worry about poverty, but rather about the uneven distribution of wealth".
A new stage for family education
The Family Education Promotion Law, which came into effect on Jan. 1, outlines how the priority of family education is to ensure the physical and mental health of minors.
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