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Face-to-face teaching returns to education institutions
Schools and universities are in the process of tackling a return to classrooms and rolling back steps taken to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak three years ago.
Eat healthy food in moderation to help stay fit
It is important that people should take actions to promote their awareness against food waste and form healthy consumption behavior.
Chinese brews indispensable part of cultural diversity
China's tea culture has been added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list, demonstrating the country's efforts in protecting its cultural heritage and its importance to human cultural diversity.
Barrier-free cinema a creative step to help the blind
According to reports, anyone with a visual disability could register their identity, log in, and enjoy all the non-barrier films in the online cinema oeuvre.
Reviving travel rush indicates colorful Spring Festival despite pandemic
China's adjustment and optimization of epidemic prevention measures provide favorable conditions for the recovery of the international air transport market and tourism, writes a veteran journalist with China Daily.
No place for molesters in education sector
A teacher who commits a sexual offense ruins the reputation of the profession as a whole, and an occupational ban is the most effective way to deal with that.
Museums inspire people to help realize national rejuvenation
Governments at different levels have scrapped the entry fee to museums in order to raise people's cultural confidence, so they can make greater efforts to realize national rejuvenation.
Is rising popularity of Han-style clothes a welcome trend?
Fashion is a common thug, wallet grub and a time piece mug, goes a saying, yet many are ready to suffer in the name of fashion. Centuries after it went out of fashion, Han-style clothing is becoming popular again.
​A taste of Thai hot pot
In Thailand, the traditional Chinese dish of hot pot is prepared using local ingredients and cooking methods – proof of how culture flows between nations.
Confidence in Chinese culture prerequisite for national rejuvenation
Chinese people draw inspiration from Chinese tradition, spirit of innovation and the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics and therefore have confidence in their culture.
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