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Hollywood insiders weigh in on future of US-China co-productions
Industry experts are trying to envision and even predict what future looks like for U.S.-China co-productions in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic and explosive growth of China's own film industry.
COVID-19: What now for foreign students?
Some American universities are rightly challenging the Trump Administration's policy barring many foreign students staying in the U.S. if their courses remain purely online during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Changes in general education curriculum in Chinese universities
Promotion of a general education curriculum spanning all major disciplines is now the focus for producing undergraduates capable of coping with the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
Online exhibition is a diary of life during the pandemic
Noted Chinese artist Liu Xiaodong has been held up in New York since April, as flights back to Beijing, where he lives and works, are restricted under the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Conducting better university-community knowledge exchange
More inquiry-based and interdisciplinary research allows academia and society to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate continuously.
3D printing brings ancient Yungang Grottoes to world
With 3D printing and high-fidelity digital technologies, the immovable Yungang Grottoes, the 1,500-year-old masterpieces of Chinese Buddhist art, took its first step out into the wider world.
Do online classes diminish the value of higher education?
With formal classes suspended by the COVID-19 pandemic, universities and colleges have turned to online learning – the value of which is now challenged by some who believe it justifies a refund of tuition fees.
Light up the night: Culture-themed events highlight night economy
As people leave their homes and embrace social life, cities are gradually returning to life. Nightlife, after months of suspension, is now returning with more diversity and vigor.
Post COVID-19: Transportable higher education for an interconnected world
The Global Recognition Convention provides a pathway by which students can have their higher education qualifications recognized everywhere.
Chinese junior middle school students smoking less
Cigarette smoking among junior Chinese middle school students has declined in the past five years, says a newly-released survey report.
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