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​Chinese culture in Thai temples
China and Thailand have had significant trade relations and cultural exchanges throughout history, and for that reason, it's easier to spot elements of traditional Chinese Buddhist culture than you might think.
TV shows explores Beijing museums
A cultural program named "The City of Museums", which deeply explores the unique value of Chinese civilization, interprets the national spirit and showcases the capital's profound cultural connotation and the charm of the times. 
My favorite things about Mid-Autumn Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival is here! It's time to spend time with family and friends, and eat lots of mooncakes!
Telemedicine development in China
​Telemedicine has become an ideal means for striking a balance between public health needs during this critical pandemic period.
Education matters in China
​China has placed an emphasis on education for years, understanding its power to help reduce poverty and cultivate talents in fields such as artificial intelligence and international diplomacy.
Common hero touches hearts of millions
A video of a 66-year-old man called Erjiu has gone viral on Chinese social media after his nephew Tang Hao shared the man's condensed but heartstring-tugging life story on short-video platform Bilibili.
Celebrities face backlash over lifetime job offers
Chinese pop singer and actor Jackson Yee has given up a lifetime job offer from the National Theatre of China after widespread public outrage and criticism about celebrity privilege.
HK Palace Museum boosts cultural confidence
The Hong Kong Palace Museum has ignited the island city's interest in the motherland's rich heritage and 5,000-year history by opening a window into Chinese history.
China's efforts in World Heritage Sites conservation
China has made great endeavors to maintain and strengthen local characteristics to protect its cultural civilization for the benefit of both the current and future generations.
Gaokao a true test for students
Two experts share their views on how students and their families can overcome the challenges, and candidates can get good scores in gaokao.
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