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'Green Book': Does it deserve the controversy?
It seems Oscar's controversial Best Picture winner "Green Book" was warmly embraced in China.
US colleges fret over fall in Chinese students
For every seven international students enrolled, three US jobs are created and supported through tuition and other expenses.
China's sci-fi movies on right track
As China's 1st domestic sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth" impresses moviegoers, Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin and renowned filmmaker James Cameron predict a brighter future for China's sci-fi film industry.
Oscar recognition shows China's growing presence in global entertainment industry
"Green Book," "Bao," "Minding the Gap," and "Free Solo" -- what do these films, either nominees or winners at the 91st Academy Awards, have in common?
Qingdao rises as new showbiz production base
As "The Wandering Earth" took box office by storm, its production base Oriental Movie Metropolis has received another round of applause after its big launch.
Lantern Festival fills people with hope, love and peace
The close coincidence of China's Lantern Festival and India's Diwali offer an opportunity to light, love and togetherness binding the two countries ever closer in peace.
'The Wandering Earth' author shares views on sci-fi film
Science fiction author Liu Cixin said China's rapid modernization provides the foundation for sci-fi culture and films in Yangquan County, Shanxi province, on Sunday.
Zara 'insulting China'? Don't be so sensitive, patriots!
The costume and cosmetics brand Zara was recently in trouble because one of its advertisements, in which a female Chinese model appeared, was blamed for "defaming the Chinese".
Spring Festival travel grows at a good clip
A growing number of Chinese are choosing to travel during the Spring Festival holiday thanks to the country's economic growth and consumption upgrading.
Producer enjoys experience of making 'Escape Room'
Neal H. Moritz has told he loved the experience of making the latest suspense thriller "Escape Room," and would love to cast Chinese actors in future projects.
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