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Bottom line needed for talk shows
Xiaoguo Culture Media Co has received penalties from the Beijing Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, for one of its comedian's inappropriate remarks during a performance.
Xi'an memory jogged by both past and present achievements
Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, is a cosmopolitan metropolis where visitors can experience both its ancient past and glorious present.
Tibet boarding schools good for education
Building more boarding schools in impoverished areas will create more educational opportunities for the children from poor families.
Building a modern civilization by carrying forward traditions
The top authorities placed cultural construction in an important position in the overall scheme of things, and put forward a series of new thoughts, new viewpoints and new assertions.
Antiques should return to where they belong
The return of two cultural relics from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office to China's Consulate General in New York sets a good precedent for other Western nations to follow.
Stricter regulations needed to rein in travel agencies
With the rapid development of tourism in China, big changes have taken place in the tourism sector. China needs to take effective measures to help boost tourism development.
It's 2023: Let's say goodbye to 'bride price'
In 2023, how does one put a value on "love"? The dowry, or jiazhuang, has a long history in many cultures, dating back to ancient Babylon, archaic Greece and historic China.
What's driving music streaming in Africa?
Across the length and breadth of the African continent, music streaming has seen rapid growth in recent years – the region is experiencing burgeoning music streaming revenue and market volume, projected to rise in the coming years.
Boarding schools facilitate learning in Tibet
After about four decades of development, the management of the boarding services is professional and considerate, ensuring the safety and comfort of the students.
Oe's spirit should be commemorated
Young people in both Japan and China should read Japanese Nobel literature laureate and committed pacifist Kenzaburo Oe and commemorate his spirit, experts said at a seminar in Beijing on Wednesday.
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