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Taiji, Yoga deepen China-India friendship
Both Chinese and Indian civilizations were born by nature, and we always try to find ways to connect human beings with mountains, rivers, forests and lakes in the class.
Cop role provides a challenge for veteran actor
Despite a career spanning four decades, award-winning acting veteran, Li Youbin, believes that his latest TV drama, In Law We Believe, is one of his most challenging roles.
Beijing int'l film fest has room for improvement
At the close of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, it's time to think about the event's vision for the future.
Young Chinese artists increasingly drawn to image art
Image art, collections of photos and videos sometimes presented using virtual reality devices, has become a popular form among Chinese artists in their 20s, who are increasingly drawn to the method.
Upcoming Beijing horticultural expo opens door to greener future
The 162-day expo, with over 2,500 events, is poised to impress an estimate of 16 million visitors from China and abroad with a huge collection of plants, flowers and eye-catching pavilions.
AI robot shows creative side with Chinese ink art
The robot artist has an "arm" that dips its brush into ink and water before sweeping across xuan paper to create Chinese shuimo artwork.
Houston film festival's China focus draws praise from industry
The 52nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival paid a great deal of attention to Chinese movies and moviemakers.
The art of discovery and invention
Many stories regarding three of ancient China's "four great inventions" are featured in an online exhibition.
Chinese team gives Marco Polo the opera treatment
The story of the young Venetian merchant and explorer Marco Polo is to be retold as the Carlo Felice Theater has signed a memorandum of understanding on original opera Marco Polo with its Chinese producer to have the opera open the theater's 2019-2020 season.
Beijing film festival to commemorate founding of the PRC
The 9th Beijing International Film Festival scheduled to run between April 13 and 20, will focus on this year's celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
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