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Latest Lao She adaptation is a tough act to follow
After the success of plays like Divorce and Cat Country, Fang Xu's latest adaptation of another Lao She novel is ready to take center stage.
Ang Lee pushes the envelope of filmmaking format
Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee has gone from an art-house titan to a new filmmaking technology trailblazer.
Celebrities prove to be a class act
The new season of A-Class, a reality show featuring star teachers and primary school students was launched recently. The show allows celebrities to work out innovative teaching methods in class, applying their expertise in different fields.
'My People, My Country': A unique patriotic film
The tentpole film production "My People, My Country" provides grand and ambitious scale narratives spanning seven decades of the People's Republic of China to capture historical moments, but through the unique perspectives of ordinary people.
TV documentary on music brings old classics to life
Recently in Beijing, the National Library of China announced that it had collected the video footage and a book of The Melody of Time for its historic value.
Former Israeli journalist upholds news objectivity
Pinchas Landau, a veteran Israeli financial reporter, told students of journalism that objectivity remains the bedrock of today's news media even as it undergoes a pulp-to-pixel technological transformation.
China's 'deepfake' videos affect normal people
Hollywood actresses and politicians have been popular victims of "deepfake" videos since they first showed up around 2017, but last weekend it was the turn of millions of Chinese. 
Ang Lee's anticipated 'Gemini Man' sets China release date
The upcoming sci-fi action-thriller is scheduled to be shown on October 18 on the Chinese mainland.
Japanese writer: China's image twisted by US, Japan
A Japanese writer worries China's image is being twisted by some forces in the United States and Japan, preventing the world from knowing the true China.
Chinese sci-fi doesn't end with 'Shanghai Fortress'
China's sci-fi filmmaking odyssey will continue despite colossal flop of the recently-released "Shanghai Fortress."
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