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Obituary of Sir John Hurt (1940-2017)
The world's stage has lost one of its greatest players, who could bring out the nuances of a book into a character's performance.
Xi's book is an Intellectual Bridge with Nepal
With the translation of Xi's book into Nepali, the Nepalese people can achieve a better understanding and hence better relation with their friendly neighbor.
Documentary highlights plight of those who live by toil
It is quite a phenomenon today for cameras to train on the lives of rustic villagers, and for long periods of time — in this case, from winter to autumn.
E-games get the recognition they deserve
Many considered electronic games a nuisance. Most parents and teachers hated them. They are not good for children, agreed a majority of commentators.
Chinese funding fuels world cinema
Cash-rich Chinese investors are increasingly visible on the international screen.
Film sector faces bubble bursts and tastes change
Box office takes for China's film industry remained stagnant in 2016, but most industry insiders see it as a blessing in disguise.
Does Victoria's Secret fashion show objectify women?
Every year around this time, many audiences are deeply enchanted by the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Beijing – Heart & soul of old and new China
We were shocked five years ago when our eldest son, Shannon, who had lived in Xiamen most of his life, moved with his Xiamenese wife Miki to Beijing.
Jackie Chan talks about his Oscar honor
On Nov 12, Jackie Chan received an honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, becoming the first Chinese actor to win the award.
Little adults have lost their childhoods
Most parents send their children to modeling classes in the hope their children will find fame and fortune. But only a few of the children will stand out and make money for the family.
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