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University of Cambridge seeks closer ties with China
​Cooperation with new academic powerhouse of China is at the top of the agenda for the new vice-chancellor of the prestigious University of Cambridge.
Contest on Chinese language helps cultural understanding
Thomason said she has studied Chinese language for three years and it is a great fun to attend the contest .
Remakes of classics – salute to original story or lack of creativity?
The classic Chinese folktale Legend of the White Snake will have another TV remake, drawing much ire from the country's netizens.
Aamir Khan's 'Secret Superstar' eyeing success in China
​Indian actor-producer Aamir Khan is the symbol of Indian films for many Chinese people and is affectionately known there as Uncle Aamir.
Importance of cultural development
The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation does not mean pursuing economic development alone, but also advancing its cultural development.
Revolutionary drama receives mixed reviews
Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok has starred in more than 50 movies and has picked up more than 100 music awards.
Time of the season
Though it may feel like we're just entering the hibernation period, the fashion world never sleeps.
Promotion of cultural consumption is a positive effort to enrich lives
Chengdu is the first city to propose such a move, which will be most meaningful to local rural inhabitants.
Mandarin is now rapidly becoming a global language
It is estimated that the number of people learning Chinese around the world has increased to 100 million.
Method and reading – Reflections on Confucius and Chinese philosophy (I)
How do we read a Chinese text which doesn't really speak to us innately?
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