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Kris Wu's US iTunes glory turns to backlash
Chinese-Canadian singer and actor Kris Wu became embroiled in controversy on both Chinese and American social networks, after his Chinese fans flocked to the American iTunes site to buy his new songs.
Shadow puppets take the spotlight
He Zehua leads the five-member Wannan Shadow Play and Opera Art Troupe to give performances at the recent Wuzhen Theater Festival.
High thinking with 'Yugong spirit'
A mountain has appealed to many with its household folklore, rising patriotism education, Taoism culture and stunning scenery.
Westlake University a model of reform
The founding of Westlake University marks a significant step in efforts to reform the higher-education sector and foster innovation.
Celebrity posts offer food for thought
News about a star is always eye-catching. News about celebrities always gets the lion's share of attention on social media.
A classic homecoming
One of the best-selling singers from HK, 57-year-old Jacky Cheung will conclude his The Classic Tour in January with 15 performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
How a Palace Museum calendar became red-hot
The Palace Museum has issued a variety of innovative cultural souvenirs in recent years, such as pillows and watches, and many have turned into best-sellers.
Death of master invokes love for a traditional Chinese art
Many Chinese would clutch their radios or have their eyes fixed on their TV sets waiting for the familiar deep and raspy voice of Shan as his daily Pingshu storytelling went on air.
Disney shares its secrets with leading Chinese animators
The Walt Disney Company, known for productions whose life lessons tickle our funny bones and tug at people's heartstrings, has also stepped up to become a bridge between China and the United States.
Xinjiang entrepreneur thrives on traditional arts
Painting on the fur of cowhide is not easy. Since 2016, Arzugul has worked through problems including how to preserve and deodorize the animal hide.
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