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Poetry is the surprising star of a TV show
To many people's surprise, one of the most popular recent TV reality shows has been Chinese Poetry Conference.
Telling the time, Chinese style
What do a tiger, rat, dog, ox, and pig have in common with a bell and a drum?
Promoting Chinese culture, adding splendor to world culture
Chinese culture and arts keep drawing worldwide attention, along with a fever for learning Chinese language, and the expanding influence of Chinese academic works.
Valentine's Day means celebration, not conspicuous consumption
Tuesday was Valentine's Day, a day when young men and women fret about not only what words of endearment are appropriate, or even what kind of promises to make, but also where to eat and what gift to buy their significant other.
Televised poetry contest promises literary spring
Has the country suddenly found new passion for classical literature? Or did the CCTV program tell us something about the state of education in China?
Unlicensed copycat cultural relics violate law
Thousands of forged terracotta warriors were on exhibition in Taihu county, East China's Anhui province, without the consent or authorization of officials overseeing the real ones.
Family reunion deserves respect as universal value
Family reunion, a theme essential to the development of mankind, was highlighted during China's annual celebration of the Spring Festival that ended on Saturday and raised more worldwide awareness.
A song to celebrate spring and suit winter
Even the most ambitious people can hardly match the talk of a Fire Rooster.
Olympics: Anime character to bring huge profits to Tokyo
The Olympic Games is the best chance for the whole world to understand Japan's influential anime culture.
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