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Drummer's drink choice exposes generation gaps
Zhao Mingyi was photographed drinking tea, and many marveled that "our rock star since childhood is entering his middle age."
To enjoy film 'Wolf Warrior II,' shed your biases
While Hollywood superheroes who save the earth are taken for granted, some Western critics misjudged "Wolf Warrior II" as "propaganda stunt."
The 'write' stuff for the Information Age
Amid all the technological advances in communication, good writing has never been more important.
Action movie star comes of age in Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior 2, combing elements old and new, foreign and domestic, is a success in its own right.
Hollywood hears wolf at door
If Hollywood hears a wolf at the door, it may well be Chinese director-producer-star turned uber wolfpack leader, Wu Jing.
Is China's film market suffering from heatstroke?
The war of the summer blockbuster in the film market is entering its hottest period.
Dangal underlines popularity of Indian films in China
Chinese love of Indian films, shown by the runway success of the latest Bollywood blocker Dangal, can bring the two countries closer together.
Audiences not to blame for poor films
Director Feng Xiaogang suggested the box office success of poorly made films has something to do with their "rubbish" audiences.
What do you know about Chinese culture?
To illuminate the issue, China Today interviewed Dr. Liu Jinghui, coordinator of the Chinese Program at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at California State University.
Heritage gets a boost
An exhibition on Suzhou embroidery, which is known for its subtlety, brings to the fore its long history.
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