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Chinese language and culture booms in West led by Italy
Italy is an extremely enthusiastic supporter of closer links between Europe and China, showing this in many concrete forms.
Promoting learning as a lifelong journey
Let us not forget about our elderly, for they are a great resource for bridging our past, understanding our present and ensuring a better future for generations to come.
Wang Yi in Athens: culture and politics
Preserving culture is important for economic growth. The Belt and Road Initiative can help preserve culture in ancient countries.
Joy of reading is being lost in the digital age
The Chinese Academy of Press and Publication's annual survey found that Chinese adults read 7.86 books on average last year, 0.02 more than 2015.
Journey to the West inspires theories
Yang's adaptation of the historical fantasy was probably the most viewed TV series in China. But its success should also be credited to the appeal of the Chinese classic itself.
Live online shows that promote gambling bet on lax supervision
Beijing News reported that the online platform Xingqiu is suspected of organizing gambling in the guise of live broadcasts.
TV drama highlights real-life graft cases
In the name of the people, the fight against corruption will continue until an honest society is built.
The Young Marx: Film by Raul Peck
Despite his impact on world economics and politics, nobody has ever made a film about Karl Marx before. Now, Haitian director Raoul Peck seeks to fill some of the void.
The misnomer that is purity of language
A language is not an inflexible and insulated system. Languages have evolved through multilingual, multinational communications.
High celebrity payments a tax on ignorance
Chinese media is fuming over the rapid rise in celebrities' incomes.
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