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Recounting the heroic epic of the Miao people
Chen Xinghua is a national-level inheritor who tells the story of King Yalu, a sprawling heroic epic in the local language.
Ancient Chinese terraces built into 'eco-museum'
Northwest China's Shaanxi Province has transformed an area of ancient terraces into an "eco-museum."
'Tell China's Stories' themed contest kicks off online
The "Tell China's Stories" contest, a campaign encouraging people to use their works to spread stories about China and Chinese culture around the world, held its awards ceremony for last year's contest and kicked off the contest for this year online Tuesday, said its sponsor.
Rome marks 100th birth anniversary of Alberto Sordi
Rome on Monday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Italian cinema legend Alberto Sordi, with tributes from his peers, political leaders, and a street artist.
Most cinemas, theaters, dance halls remain closed in Italy
While catering industry across Italy is busy in welcoming back their guests thanks to the latest stage of easing effective on Monday, the situation in the country's entertainment sector such as cinemas, dance clubs, and theaters is still bleak.
Tibetan youths become keen promoters of cultural heritage
About 160 Tibetan people gathered at Dukezong in the majority Tibetan city of Shangri-La on Saturday for a contest of a traditional Tibetan dance -- Guozhuang.
TV show knows what's in your fridge is food for thought
Go! Fridge uses refrigerator to talk with guests, meanwhile probing into the diversity of young people's lifestyles and their attitudes toward life.
Chinese artist helps Zimbabwe attract tourists through music
​Liu Bing (Ice Liu) was invited to work on an international collaborative music video project called Lovely Zimbabwe with a group of artist from different parts of the world.
Tech meets tradition
Qiao Xue sold handmade products worth 10,000 yuan ($1,400) in a minute on video-sharing platform Douyin.
Online show of Terracotta Warriors
The Terracotta Warriors museum in China's northwestern city of Xi'an is considered one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.
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