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Creations presented during wedding show in Sri Lanka
Models present creations during a wedding show in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on March 21, 2023.
Global music report shows growth of Asia market
The global recorded music market grew by 9.0 percent in 2022, driven by growth in paid subscription streaming.
Traditional cultural elements revitalize old residential community
Now, people can find many things old and local in the block, such as clay pots, ancient tiles, and bamboo hats. Lin cherishes their unadorned beauty.
Event to give performers a chance to show their talent
The Achievement Exhibition of the 13th "Taoli Cup" National Dancing Education Performance of China kicked off in Beijing.
Digital technology revives treasured murals in Beijing
An immersive digital art gallery themed on Fahai Temple murals, which revitalized the treasured murals, made its debut to the public in January.
Standing eggs upright to mark spring equinox
Kids at a kindergarten in Guangping county of Handan, Hebei province, played a game on Monday in which they stood eggs upright to welcome the upcoming chunfen, or spring equinox.
Cultural and art products shine at cross-border trade fair
Distinctive handmade products showcasing Chinese culture and art proved popular at the 2023 China cross-border e-commerce trade fair that opened on March 18 in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province.
Chinese rendition of Anna Karenina proves a big hit
A Chinese adaptation of the Russian musical Anna Karenina is enthralling audiences in cities of China it is touring.
Bamboo slips bear high historical value
​A trove of bamboo slips uncovered recently in Yunnan Province in southwest China would help decipher the administrative power of the central government of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-25 AD) over the Yunnan region, experts said.
Nostalgia takes the lead in award-winning film
Absence, a feature film directed by Wu Lang, premiered in Berlin, Germany, on Feb 21.
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