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Ancient noble tomb found in east China's Jiangsu
A noble tomb has been found in a cemetery dating back to the Six Dynasties period (222-589) in the city of Zhenjiang, east China's Jiangsu Province, according to the city's cultural relics and archaeology institute.
Overseas hanfu clubs serve as cultural ambassadors
Traditional Chinese attire helps weave connections within the US, build bridges of understanding.
Taiwan body donates cultural relics to national heritage administration
The United Association of Humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan recently donated 30 precious cultural relics that were lost overseas to the National Cultural Heritage Administration, a Chinese mainland spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
2024 Pudong Festival of Culture & Art opens next week
The 2024 Pudong Festival of Culture & Art will kick off on April 18, which marks the 34th anniversary for the development and opening-up of Pudong New Area in Shanghai.
East China's Suzhou to hold cultural event in Singapore
The "Meet Suzhou in Singapore" culture week will kick off on Wednesday in the island state, encompassing art performances, local cuisine, documentary screenings, and tourism promotional events.
New book chronicles ecological civilization along Lijiang River
The unveiling of "Jiang Ru Lian" marks a significant milestone in the portrayal of ecological civilization along the Lijiang River.
Netflix's '3 Body Problem' promotes Chinese culture despite controversy
Netflix's adaptation of "The Three-Body Problem" has been met with controversy, but experts and insiders believe it is still a milestone for sharing Chinese culture with the outside world.
A technicolor twist on Yu the Great
Hit animated series explores childhood of larger-than-life character from ancient Chinese classic.
Tuning in to Beijing's charms
Composer reveals how the sights and sounds of the capital's Central Axis inspired a new piece.
The extravagance of simplicity
A seasoned craftsman's 'fever' for classical furniture produces pieces of timeless elegance.
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