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Embroidery piece selected for Top Hundred Chinese Artists stamp series
An embroidery piece made by Duan Pengjiang was selected for the Top Hundred Chinese Artists stamp series.
Beijing to pave 15 roads this year for Int'l Horticultural Expo
​Fifteen of the 16 road construction projects including Xingyan Expressway and Yanchong Expressway currently underway will be completed by the end of 2018, to pave the way for the International Horticultural Expo held in Yanqing next year, according to the Yanqing Division of the Highways Bureau of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.
Exhibition of notable artworks by graduates held in Tianjin
People visited an exhibition of notable artworks by 2018 graduates of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA), June 21, 2018.
Pianist gives folk songs a modern twist
Malaysian pianist Claudia Yang debuted her latest work, a series of modern adaptations and compositions of Chinese folk songs.
Chan, Cena team up for new comedy action romp
Fans of Jackie Chan will be excited to see the 64-year-old action legend showing off his death-defying stunts on big screen once more.
New museum pact seeks to bolster Belt and Road Initiative
A display of 17 artworks from participating museums is on show at the National Art Museum of China this week.
Chinese sci-fi films see new life over next few years
Tencent Pictures announced it will work with Huayi Brothers Media to develop director Lu Chuan's sci-fi film "Bureau 749."
Jiang Wen: A meticulous director
Legendary film director Jiang Wen insisted on Monday in Shanghai that he would do everything right regardless of the costs when creating a new world for a film.
China creates harvest festival for farmers
China has designated a special day for farmers to celebrate the annual harvest, the first festival created by the state specifically for the country's farmers.
Ray Dalio shares 'Principles' with China
​Ray Dalio published his new book "Principles" in China and director Ye Fei shares insights on the billionaire investor and the book in her short documentary.
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