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Film showcases the end of a nomadic way of life
Fade Away Pastoral, a feature film focusing on changes in Kazak life-from arduous migration to settlement, premiered in Beijing recently.
Beijing Design Week pays 'homage to life'
The 2018 Beijing Design Week gets underway on Saturday, with its opening ceremony set to take place at the China Millennium Monument.
Old art in a digital era
The digital restoration of the Yuanmingyuan complex is just one of the cultural heritage protection projects supported by Tsinghua university.
Lending a helping hand
Nepalese student Kumar Khadka learns an Inner Mongolian dance together with local students in Ordos of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.
Bookstores look at ways to survive
Over 240 bookstores from 85 cities around China are jointly exploring better ways to survive.
Collecting and the age of memeing
When people struggled for basic staples such as food and clothing, wealthy landowners started to collect gold as a kind of financial guarantee that's relatively stable around the world.
New music label Liquid State holds show in Singapore
Norwegian Alan Walker, 20, performed at Singapore on September 12 -- the second stop for the electronic dance music label Liquid State.
Renowned artist committed to both old and new material
Yuan Huiqin can still recall the day she enrolled to study Peking Opera in her hometown of Yichang, Hubei province, when she was 10 years old.
Symposium held to commemorate Chinese pioneer educator
A symposium was held in Beijing Tuesday to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the birth of a pioneer educator, Huang Yanpei.
Art works of three great Italian masters on display
An exhibition featuring the works of three Italian art masters of the Renaissance period opened Tuesday in Tianjin.
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