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​March packed with Hollywood blockbusters and re-releases in China
After February's Spring Festival season, Hollywood blockbusters will flock to China in March in an attempt to woo audiences.
Cultural events bring smiles
Spring Festival celebrations are in full swing worldwide this year. Besides events hosted by local institutions, an array of delegations has flown from China to present authentic Chinese cultural feasts to foreign audiences and showcase the variety of China's timeless traditions.
Museums greet visitors with loong-themed relics
Cultural relics featuring the Chinese dragon in museums across China have once again captured the spotlight.
Chinese pentatonic music captivates Egyptian audiences
​On the occasion of the Chinese Spring Festival, the China Cultural Center in Cairo organized on Friday a symposium and a musical performance about integrating Chinese pentatonic music with contemporary creativity and modern technologies.
Australian capital celebrates Chinese New Year
The Australian capital Canberra has staged a Spring Festival gala performance featuring the traditional charm of central China's culture to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, a key part of the 26th Australian National Multicultural Festival.
Jia Ling's dramatic transformation for new film goes beyond weight loss
Actress and director Jia Ling's dramatic weight loss for her new film "YOLO" has stunned audiences, yet she aims to impart a message that transcends her physical transformation.
China's box office revenue tops 7B yuan
China's box office revenue during this year's Spring Festival holiday has exceeded 7 billion yuan (about 985 million U.S. dollars), statistics showed Friday.
Film puts justifiable defense in spotlight
Comments from experts, officials and the public about a movie centered on the theme of justifiable defense have called for grasping the essence of the legal concept to prevent unlawful behavior.
Chinese artists bring joy of Spring Festival to New Zealand capital
The "Festival of Spring" Chinese Lunar New Year Gala Night was held on Thursday night in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.
Director Ning Hao explores communication in 'The Movie Emperor'
Director Ning Hao stated that his new film, "The Movie Emperor," is essentially a simple art-house-style comedy that focuses on exploring the reasons for and consequences of the lack of communication between people.
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