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Lang Lang performs in Ljubljana's summer moonlight night
Chinese pianist Lang Lang appeared at Ljubljana, bringing the 70th Ljubljana Festival to a climax on Monday night.
China Philharmonic Orchestra conducts its new season
China Philharmonic Orchestra will launch its 2022 to 2023 performing season.
Shanghai releases report on development of art museums
A total of 950 art exhibitions took place in Shanghai last year and attracted 6.21 million people, according to the first annual report on the development of art museums in Shanghai.
Sculpture exhibition brings together east and west
The exhibition, Realm of Microcosm, curated by Liang Shuang and jointly presented by A.T.U.S-Art Tunes Up Space and THOW, reviews Huang Qicheng's working methods since his studies at Tsinghua University.
The art of giving
The current exhibition, An Intellectual's Commitment to Cultural Inheritance, gathers more than 70 paintings from Deng Tuo's collection.
Heritage status sought for central axis
The Beijing Central Axis is to seek UNESCO World Heritage status at the World Heritage Committee in 2024, the National Cultural Heritage Administration announced on Sunday.
Conference aims to improve cultural industries
On Aug 2, a news conference introduced the pilot project of the cultural industry commissioner system. The successful conference was held in Le'an city, Fuzhou province.
Director Ye Daying's 'Fearless' hits screens this week
A prestigious helmer known for the blockbusters Red Cherry and A Time to Remember, filmmaker Ye Daying will see his latest directorial outing, Fearless, hit domestic theaters on Aug 12.
Beijing art space opens children's imagination
Click Ten Kids+:Home as Stageplay is a project initiated by artist Jin Qiuye who has designed an interactive space at Click Ten Art Space, in Beijing's 798 art district.
Celebrating a bookish romance
On this year's Qixi Day, a special shaishu event opened at the National Library of China.
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