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Constructing a good story
The 36-episode series, which began showing on China Central Television's channel 8 and streaming on Youku in mid-August, is adapted from the 2018 best-selling novel Da Cheng Xiao Shi (A Small Home in a Metropolis), which chronicles the remarkable growth of the property industry in Beijing from 2007 to 2017.
Intl circus festival starts in Russian St. Petersburg
The second International Circus Festival "Without Borders" opened Thursday in Russia's second-largest city St. Petersburg, with about 200 artists from Russia and abroad joining the event.
Confucius Institute at Federal University of Bahia unveiled
The unveiling ceremony of the Confucius Institute at the Federal University of Bahia (Universidade Federal da Bahia), which was established by China's Shanghai University and Brazil's Federal University of Bahia, was held on Sept. 11.
​Chengdu Worldcon unveils slogan and sci-fi panda mascot
Organizers of the 81st World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) unveiled its slogan, mascot, and emblem on Wednesday in Chengdu, the first city in China and the second in Asia to host the world's premier sci-fi event.
Two iQIYI series nominated for Busan International Film Festival awards
​"The Knockout," a suspense-filled crime series produced by China's Netflix iQIYI, is arguably China's most popular TV series from the first half of this year, smashing multiple viewership records and captivating tens of millions of audience members both at home and abroad.
TV series spotlights young love for older woman
Aligned with the development and progress of Chinese society, age-gap relationships, which were once disapproved of due to societal stereotypes, are now gaining widespread recognition. As an example of this trend, the new TV series Sunshine by My Side, featuring popular actor Xiao Zhan and actress Bai Baihe, has recently garnered attention online.
Chengdu museum calls out carelessness of some in new display
A fish specimen has started to be on display with the label "broken tuna rib" at a biological museum in Chengdu, Southeast China's Sichuan province on Tuesday.
Overseas youth visit to sate hunger for culture
Navigating through the timeless beauty of a traditional Chinese garden, a group of overseas Chinese students set out on an exciting cultural journey in the heart of Beijing.
Chinese Film Week held in Israel to promote cultural exchanges
The 2023 Chinese Film Week in Israel wrapped up Wednesday in the city of Tel Aviv with Chinese films screened daily.
Egyptian teenager's artwork takes long journey to China's space station
Rawda Ahmed Ali Al-Shawadfy, an 18-year-old Egyptian girl who loves painting, has never imagined that one of her works could embark on a long journey to the space and float around inside China's Tiangong Space Station.
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