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War epic film 'The Eight Hundred' to hit Chinese theaters
​"The Eight Hundred," a war epic film, is slated for release on Aug. 21.
Art exhibition showcases China's COVID-19 fight
​A fine artwork exhibition, featuring the Chinese people's fight against COVID-19, is being held at the National Museum of China.
Terracotta Warriors see more visitors during summer vacation
​Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, known for its famous army of terracotta warriors, has received nearly 20,000 tourists per day during the peak season of the summer vacation and the waning COVID-19 epidemic.
Mo Yan strives for evergreen writing creativity
​Eight years after being entitled a Nobel laureate in literature, Mo Yan came back with his latest book "A Late Bloomer" in late July.
Horse-themed dance drama resumes in Inner Mongolia
​A horse-themed dance drama, previously suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic, has resumed in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Abandoned stone mine turns into mine of enjoyment
Situated in the Pingtang area on the outskirts of Changsha, the location was a cluster of more than 30 construction material and chemical enterprises in the 1950s, which caused serious pollution.
Writing online literature requires an undaunting soul
The relatively new job title of web novelist has become a potential career path for the more than 8 million new graduates entering the job market this year.
Domestic film 'A First Farewell' wins hearts, box office
We long for reunion after time spent apart, something perfectly captured in the newly opened domestic film A First Farewell.
Battling expectations

The recent TV series Nothing But Thirty, a 43-episode drama that examines the challenges and confusion faced by women in their 30s, has made a big splash online.

Ancient ceramic pig resembles movie star
The most eye-catching find is a pottery pig that has a strong resemblance to the green piggies of the imported computer-animated comedy film.
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