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Chinese celebrate National Day with birthday noodles, films
While fireworks and festivities drew the largest crowds during this year's National Day holiday, many Chinese chose to celebrate the occasion with a bowl of patriotic noodles and homegrown films.
LA audiences think violent threat from film 'Joker' overrated
Warner Brothers' R-rated thriller film "Joker," which opened on Thursday in the United States, is stirring up controversy and grabbing headlines across the nation.
Blockbuster exhibition highlights 'China speed'
Displayed in the showroom, the first domestic car Dongfeng produced in 1958 has attracted a crowd of viewers at an ongoing exhibition at Beijing Exhibition Center.
Patriotic blockbusters atop holiday box office
"My People, My Country", a domestic film that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, has been tops in terms of Chinese mainland box office revenue since it hit theaters on Monday.
'My People, My Country' continues to lead box office
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, the film grossed about 300 million yuan Thursday.
China kicks off traditional opera culture week
​China has kicked off a traditional opera culture week at the Beijing Garden Expo Park, with over 370 performances to be staged.
Digital designs with traditional Chinese symbols awarded
​A total of 33 digital designs featuring traditional Chinese cultural symbols have been awarded at a ceremony held at the Palace Museum in Beijing.
100th anniv. of Mei Lanfang's visit to Japan marked in Tokyo
Artists perform Peking Opera "The Drunken Beauty" to mark the 100th anniversary of Chinese theater legend Mei Lanfang's visit to Japan in Tokyo, capital of Japan, Oct. 2, 2019.
'My People, My Country' tops box office
The film grossed about 369 million yuan (US$51.62 million) on its second day of screening on Tuesday.
Adventure film tells stories of Mt. Qomolangma climbers
​"The Climbers" hit the big screen on the Chinese mainland on Monday.
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