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Illustrating compassion
Students in Hubei province's capital, Wuhan are happy to receive drawings with encouraging words from children around their age.
Exhibition 'March Flower' held in Gaza City
People visit an exhibition called "March Flower" about the Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip, in Gaza City, March 9, 2020.
Chinese export porcelain at the heart of Milan exhibition
It is believed that China began to export porcelain to the rest of the world during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
Medical staff draw picture of hope at Wuhan hospital
Lovely cartoon pictures drawn on the walls of a ward in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan have proved popular online.
Ancient rock paintings found in Inner Mongolia
A total of 172 ancient rock paintings were found in a relic in Alxa League, northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, according to the local cultural heritage administration.
Chinese shadow puppetry exhibition enchants visitors in New York
An exhibition, featuring a traditional Chinese shadow play theater and antique puppets at China Institute in New York, has received warm response from visitors of all ages.
Chinese bronze artwork exhibition held in Houston
​An exhibition of ancient Chinese bronze artwork is open to public on Saturday at Asia Society Texas Center (ASTC) in Houston, Texas, the United States.
Honoring heroes with ink
While thumbing through the recent work of Chinese contemporary artist Shu Yong, viewers will find it hard not to be awestruck.
Chinese bronze artwork exhibition to be held in Houston
An exhibition of ancient Chinese bronze artworks will be on display from Feb. 29 to Aug. 9 at Asia Society Texas Center (ASTC) in Houston.
Chinese painters work at home in Hunan
Xiaohe Township has 460 part-time painters who work at art studios in town. After outbreak of coronavirus, they continued their work at home.
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