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Experts find more from Xia Dynasty dig
The remains of a palace and barns dating back about 4,000 years have been found at two important archaeological sites in Central China's Henan province, archaeologists said last week.
Museum on Grand Canal opens in Beijing
A museum on the connection between Beijing and the 2,500-year-old Grand Canal opened to the public on Wednesday.
Shanghai exhibition opens celebrating artists from 1900s
A new exhibition titled In Shanghai is going on at Jiushi Art Museum from Dec 23 to Feb 26, featuring 60 artworks created by more than 20 artists and designers.
Beijing exhibition offers showcase of fine Qing Dynasty glassware
An exhibition of fine glassware from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) collected by the Palace Museum is currently on display at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing.
Great Wall find unveils old military pastime
Great Wall: More excavations on the cards.
Young artists bridge cultural divide through their works III
The 2023 "Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition - Calligraphy and Painting Challenge" received many entries from Chinese language lovers worldwide.
A creative spirit that conquers challenges
Artist in a wheelchair's one-woman show tells her story with passion and compassion.
Baghdad Fine Arts Festival
A visitor looks at a painting displayed at the Baghdad Fine Arts Festival in Baghdad, Iraq, on Dec. 24, 2023.
Iran welcomes cultural exchanges with China via museum delegation: official
Cooperation and cultural exchanges will help promote bilateral ties between China and Iran, an Iranian official said in Tehran on Wednesday.
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