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Keeping in touch with writing tradition
With the advent of the digital era, the calligrapher and educator is marrying modern technology with the ancient writing art.
Audrey Hepburn exhibition opens in Beijing
An exhibition in memory of Audrey Hepburn is on display in Beijing.
Committee formed to foster China-Asia-Africa exchange
With the aim of promoting cultural translation and communication between China and Asian, African countries, the CCTSS-Asian, African Language Committee was established in Beijing on Dec. 15.
Chinese artist works to spread Chinese peony culture in US
Famous Chinese peony artist and calligrapher Jiang Yiqiao said Saturday that he hopes his paintings of peony can make the American people develop a better understanding of peony culture in China, which can serve as a bridge of friendship between the U.S. and Chinese peoples.
Disney contest gives students a close look at theme park design
The Disney Imaginations Shanghai Design Competition ended with the team from E. China University of Science and Technology winning the contest.
Beijing staging Contemporary China Mini Art Exhibition
The Contemporary China Mini Art Exhibition opened with some 960 exhibits created by 600 artists of 27 ethnic groups across China.
Art in minutes with dough figurines
Gao Shan, 43, has been making dough figurines for more than 10 years in Jiyuan city, Central China's Henan province.
Practicing Chinese calligraphy on an iPad
"Everyday when I go out, I bring an iPad and an Apple Pencil with me," said Chang Ping-huang, a renowned calligrapher from Taiwan, when introducing his new toolkit for practicing Chinese calligraphy.
Oil painting by master bought for 112.7m yuan
Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong's oil painting of a serene Jiangnan landscape fetched 112.7 million yuan ($16 million) at Poly International Auction's sale in Beijing.
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