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Chinese, Italian museums hold exhibition on civilizations
The "Civilizations of the Great Rivers" exhibition, which is the result of collaboration between Chinese and Italian cultural institutions, is being held in Ningbo Museum in east China's Zhejiang Province.
Meet HK's master birdcage maker preserving traditional craftsmanship
​Amidst the bustling Kowloon Flower Market in Hong Kong, enveloped by the sweet melodies of chirping birds, you'll find one of Hong Kong's last remaining birdcage makers -- Chan Lok-choi, also known as "Uncle Choi."
Exhibition displays key bronzeware discoveries
The Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan province, has been holding Southwest China's largest bronzeware exhibition ahead of the start of the FISU World University Games on Friday.
Exhibition on the scent of opportunity in Shanghai's energy
The French perfume maker launched its new fragrance with an immersive art exhibition at Modern Art Museum.
Over 90% of China's museums free to public
China counts a total of 6,565 museums across the nation, with over 90% offering free admission, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism Li Qun said at a press conference Friday.
Generational exhibition returns to Shanghai
An exhibition highlighting the work of three generations of painters — Zheng Wuchang, his son Zheng Xiaotong and grandson Zheng Rengang — was held in Shanghai from July 8-13.
Ancient town comes alive with dazzling activities
Waving glowsticks, dazzling stage lights, and cheerful drum beats -- the Taierzhuang Ancient Town, located in east China's Shandong Province, was rocked by a fascinating live music show in mid-July.
The fabric of Chinese culture
Silk has always been interwoven with the nation's history, and the textiles that employ the fine material remain sought after the world over — arguably, none more so than hangluo gauze.
Artist's show sheds light on interlinks of ecology and men
Liu Yujia's current solo exhibition, A Darkness Shimmering in the Light, in Beijing's 798 art zone, is one of the coolest destination for people in the summer heat that has engulfed the capital for weeks.
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