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Virtual exhibition in Seoul shows China's great mountains
Mountains are great landmarks on the map of China. Since ancient times, they have been connected with fairy tales, royal ceremonies and religious activities.
China to issue Forbidden City commemorative coins
​China is scheduled to issue a set of gold and silver commemorative coins for the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Forbidden City.
'Belt and Road' art exhibition opens in Beijing
​An international art project exhibition opened Saturday at the National Art Museum of China, displaying nearly 200 works by artists from China and countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.
China Fashion Gala honors Chinese, US icons
The fifth annual China Fashion Gala took place Thursday night as a creative virtual event at a time when people cannot physically gather due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
A stitch in time keeps qipao tradition alive
The time slips by quickly as Zhang Jin sews tailor-made qipao for customers across the country.
China Fashion Gala to be held online with celebs
Organizers announced that the annual China Fashion Gala will go virtual on July 23.
Yungang Grottoes: The beginning of 'Sinicization' of grotto art
The exquisitely carved Yungang Buddha sits in meditative silence as a peaceful smile adorns his lips.
Designing to drink across cultures
Swiss designer Didier Rudolf Quarroz's love of Chinese tea culture has inspired him to design innovative new items to brew the beverage.
Int'l sculpture festival opens in north China
An international sculpture festival opened on Monday in the city of Pingyao in north China's Shanxi Province.
Old Summer Palace digitalized in Beijing's industrial remains
The Old Summer Palace, or "Yuanmingyuan" in Chinese, has been digitally recreated in a reclaimed century-old steel plant in western Beijing.
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