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Art & Design
Stamp celebrates National Art Museum's 60th anniversary
A stamp will be issued on May 23 to mark the National Art Museum of China's 60th anniversary this year.
Two-man show seeks the rhythm of nature and truth of life
To Seek, an ongoing exhibition at Song Art Museum in Beijing, juxtaposes the paintings of Wei Zongyao and sculptures of Wei Jin, in whose realms of art one would investigate on the rules of nature and life by finding clues left by the two artists in their work.
Chengdu Museum guides foreign students on cultural journey
Cuban school girl Maia Santana Fong sat in silence before a small rhino sculpture and carefully colored it with bright paint. The object was a replica of an 8.5-tonne stone rhino dating back nearly 2,000 years that she had just seen on display at Chengdu Museum in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
​Experts shed light on museums' role in cultural exchange
Liberal arts scholars and museum professionals from home and abroad joined a webinar Thursday to examine the role museums play in promoting cultural communication and fostering understanding and appreciation among different civilizations.
Museum salutes man for turning in relics
A museum in Yunnan province held a donation ceremony on Monday for a man who voluntarily donated bronze antiques.
Palace Museum unveils 20,000 new digital cultural relic products
​China's Palace Museum unveiled a new set of 20,000 high-definition digital images of cultural relics in its collection open to the public for free, on the occasion of International Museum Day on Thursday.
China opens 382 new museums in 2022
China saw 382 new museums registered in 2022, bringing the total number of museums across the country to 6,565.
Rare calligraphy stele on display in Beijing
A rare stele showcasing the work of famous Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi is on display at Beijing Fuxue Stone Carving Museum.
Sanxingdui Museum unveils splendid Bronze Age period of China
The Sanxingdui Museum, which is set to open a new exhibition hall on July 28, has recently seen a surge in visitor numbers.
Chinese people trace history in museums
With a rich cultural heritage, central China's Henan Province is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization.
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