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Silk Road cultural project offers Ukrainians insight into western China
The Silk Road cultural project "Experience China 2018 -- the culture of western China in Ukraine" kicked off on Tuesday.
New stamps hail clean officialdom
An advocacy of clean and honest officialdom is the theme of a new set of stamps issued by China Post on Sunday in Beijing.
Art has prospered in era of reform
Chinese artists saw the reform and opening-up of the Chinese economy in 1978 as an opportunity to open up Chinese artistic expression and import new ideas and techniques from abroad.
Online show helps art lovers brush up on modern Chinese works
The CAFA art museum held a show by Xu Beihong in March, which lasted for a month and attracted more than 300,000 visitors.
All set for summer art education festival
"Open Door to Art," the annual summer art education festival by Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall, will kick off on July 5 and run till August 31.
Artist helps Dunhuang speak to present
Inspired by Dunhuang, an ancient Chinese city on the Silk Road that witnessed a cavalcade of great cultures and ideas for more than a millennium, a Stanford art professor aims to make history speak to a contemporary audience.
Exhibition helps increase cross-strait exchanges
A photo exhibition being held in Taiwan aims to increase exchanges between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
Contemporary Chinese ink arts exhibition debuts in California
Ink arts, which have flourished in China for more than 2,000 years, are expected to speak to Western audience through contemporary forms.
Functional fashion spurs a new sportswear trend
Clothes for gym workouts are blazing a new fashion trend in the Chinese market as today more Chinese prove that they are willing to pay to look good while they pursue a more fit lifestyle.
Subway keeping history on track
Six subway carriages adorned with artwork inspired by poetry from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) began rolling in and out of stations along a line in Xi'an.
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