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Art & Design
Expo promotes Tibetan products and culture
The China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo has opened in the country's western region and is showcasing traditional products.
Exhibition of traditional woodblock prints opens in Beijing
A major exhibition displaying traditional woodblock printing techniques opened at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing on Sept 5, and will run until Sept 16.
Chinese designers present new collections in New York
New York Fashion Week officially started on Thursday, with some of the world's renowned fashion names debuting their 2019 spring/summer collections.
China publishes reproduction of ancient Tibetan literature
China Thursday published a selected edition of the Phuri Manuscripts, the oldest and largest collection of ancient Tibetan literature discovered in the country.
Japanese metal works exhibition held in Beijing
After presenting exhibitions on Bizen ware and washi, the ZENA lifestyle platform recently showcased traditional Japanese artifacts—metal works.
Tariff on Chinese art stymies sellers, museums
From the famous auction houses of New York to a small art supply shop in Arizona, tariffs proposed by the United States on art-related items from China have elicited a quizzical reaction.
A life in the public eye
Yuan Yunfu may not be a household name, but he's one of the founding fathers of the modern Chinese public art scene, as an ongoing retrospective of his work demonstrates.
Japanese artist showcases human-like sculptures
For decades, Japanese artist Izumi Kato has created human-like creatures with slim and extended limbs, in varying sizes and materials.
Rare work by Song Dynasty master up for auction in HK
A monochrome ink painting attributed to Su Shi, the revered artist, scholar and statesman of the Song Dynasty, will go under the hammer in HK.
Paintings reflect Africa in Chinese artists' eyes
To welcome the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, an art tour featuring Chinese contemporary artworks on Africa will come to many major Chinese cities from September to December.
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