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Paralytic artist finds hope painting bottles
The 33-year-old Sun Zhicheng is an inside-bottle painter in the city of Hengshui in Hebei province.
Face to face with history
A Qing-era royal portrait which shows Zhu Yuanzhang vigorous in the prime of his life is displayed side-by-side with an unofficial Ming-era portrait of the emperor.
Paralyzed painter creates beauty, romance in tiny bottles
In August 2010, one of her works, painted with flowers and birds, won the third prize in the city's artwork exhibition, created by handicapped people.
Murals at newly-renovated Lagusnilad underpass in Manila
The murals depict momentous events in Philippine history and show pictures of Manila's landmarks.
China issues anniversary stamp featuring Communist Manifesto
A new stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the publication of the full Chinese edition of the Communist Manifesto was released in China Saturday.
Research center established for Dunhuang relics protection
A research center has been established at Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwest China's Gansu Province, aiming to tackle major issues concerning cultural relics protection.
A Shanghai sculpture park becomes a cultural destination
Located in Pudong district, a sculpture park is a celebration of the evolution and diversity of Chinese sculptures throughout decades.
Zeng Fanzhi piece fetches $23.3m, a record high for contemporary art
Contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi's Mask Series 1996 No.6 was auctioned off for 161 million yuan in Beijing on Tuesday.
Over 2,400 photographers to attend Pingyao Int'l Photography Festival
​More than 2,400 photographers from 18 countries and regions are expected to gather at Pingyao, one of China's most well-preserved ancient towns, in the northern province of Shanxi.
Zhou Chunya oil painting sold at record price
Oil painter Zhou Chunya's Spring is Coming was sold for 86.25 million yuan at a Beijing auction, setting a record price for the artist.
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