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Art & Design
Dough flower modeling
The art of dough flower modeling is prevalent in northern China and closely related to the diets and customs of the local people.
Dunhuang's ancient beauty shared in digital form
The northwestern Chinese city of Dunhuang is more than 2,000 km away from Beijing, but thanks to digital technology, its renowned traditional heritage can be freely enjoyed by the residents of the capital.
Mickey Mouse art exhibition arrives in Beijing
"Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious" opened at the 798 Art Center on July 23.
Xieyi artist's paintings on show a reflection of era
Liu Haiyong specializes in the creation of the flower-and-bird genre of painting, done in the loose, semi-abstract xieyi style which prioritizes a philosophical touch over accurate depictions.
Sincerity and exquisiteness unfold under ink painter's brushes
An exhibition through Tuesday pays tribute to Lin Fan's accomplishments in promoting the long-standing gongbi-style of classic Chinese painting.
Majestic red highlights gongbi artist's show in Beijing
In his paintings, Cui Jingzhe, an artist of the gongbi-style of painting, which focuses on careful depictions and vivid colors, utilizes the graduation of red hues in the depictions of females in history and present, and of different ethnic groups.
Italian relics bridge two cultures in Beijing
2022 marks the start of the Year of China-Italy Culture and Tourism, and also meets the 110 anniversary of the establishment of the National Museum.
Exhibition on dress culture of millennium-old Dunhuang grottoes opens
An exhibition showcasing dresses in the mural paintings of the millennium-old Dunhuang grottoes opened Friday.
Over 460 ancient tombs discovered in Hebei
A total of 463 ancient tombs have been discovered during a comprehensive archaeological excavation in north China's Hebei province, local authorities said on Saturday.
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