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Chinese artist's exhibition on Yangtze River debuts in Singapore
Chinese artist Pei Xuehong held his solo exhibition titled Changjiang Symbol at the A•D Gallery in Singapore on March 18, inaugurating its global tour.
Stitching together a family legacy
Known for its intricate techniques, elegant style and vibrant colors, Su embroidery usually focuses on birds and flowers, cats, landscapes and figures.
Picturing a lost era
Exhibition examines how China was portrayed, literally, before photography boomed.
German students experience Chinese painting
High school students from Magdeburg of Germany experienced making artworks of China's intangible cultural heritages in Shandong.
Shanghai's Start Museum welcomes screening project
The Start Museum, situated in the West Bund area of Xuhui district in Shanghai, has launched an innovative screening project, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of video artworks during the evening hours.
Flower-themed cultural products bloom as flowering season comes
​Floral cultural products have become increasingly popular as tourists go outside to appreciate blooming flowers across China. 
From masterpiece to marketplace, creative museum souvenirs go viral among Chinese youth
Holding a butterfly in her right hand and lifting the robe with her left, the elegant court lady with a floral hairpin depicted by renowned painter Zhou Fang from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) remains impressive and resplendent even after a millennium.
Upcoming public art season to invigorate riverside village in Beijing
In collaboration with prominent art schools in and outside Beijing, the village committee recently sent out an invitation to artists around the world to contribute their creativity to enriching Banbidian's new landscapes. Submissions — works and public art plans — began on March 20 and lasts till April 15, and finalists will join other works to be displayed at several outdoor spots.
Jade cross discovered in Nestorian relics site in China's Xinjiang
After two years of excavation, a batch of important cultural relics -- including a well-preserved jade cross -- was unearthed at the relics site of a Nestorian monastery in Turpan, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Spring outing in traditional Chinese clothing
The passion for traditional Chinese attire, also known as Hanfu, has swept across the country in recent years, with bevies of youngsters dressed in Hanfu becoming a common sight in many tourist attractions.
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