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Chinese designer 'revives' Tang Dynasty by wearing retro clothing
Ao Luojia, a designer of Han Chinese clothing that imitates the style of clothes worn by women during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), went viral during China's Lantern Festival.
Paintings portray palace dogs of Forbidden City
People love to keep pet dogs as they are docile and cute, and this was true in ancient royal palace too. Well-known dog breeds such as mastiff, Persian, and Western dog were always brought to the ancient Chinese royal court as tributes or gifts.
Ancient bowl to be auctioned for estimated US$26 mln
A rare Pink-Ground Falangcai Bowl, which was believed to have been made during the period of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722 AD), is to be auctioned.
Beijing museum display rare Tibetan masterpiece
The rarely seen masterpiece Bunian Tu, also known as Emperor Taizong Receiving the Tibetan Envoy, is on show at an ongoing exhibition in Beijing.
Ming-era painting on display at US museum
The exhibition, which runs through May 13, is designed to offer the American audience a glimpse into the cultural world when China was in transition from the Ming to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
New Zealand parliament celebrates Chinese New Year
An event celebrating the Chinese New Year was held at the New Zealand parliament on Tuesday.
Record number of students apply for performing arts colleges
​A record number of high school graduates have applied for two of the top performing arts schools in China.
Painter uses a blend of styles to 'watch' his daughters grow
Artist Wan Li has recorded the growing of his two daughters with his painting brush.
Lantern Festival gala held in Mauritius
An annual lantern show and Lantern Festival gala was held in Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Mauritius, on Saturday as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in the city.
NY museum celebrates Chinese Spring Festival
New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted its annual Chinese Spring Festival activities on Saturday to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dog.
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