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Art & Design
European classical engravings on display in Beijing
A collection of 85 works of classic European engraving are on exhibit for one more week at the Dadem Collection Hall, in Beijing's southern Fengtai District.
Stamp of approval
Veteran artist Han Meilin is full of festive cheer after designing a Lunar New Year stamp collection for the third time.
A truly revolutionary painter
The One Beyond the Ordinary, an exhibition running at the Art Museum of the Beijing Fine Art Academy, portrays Li Tiefu's creativity and patriotism.
Celebrating Spring Festival at Palace Museum
As the 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year draws near, the Palace Museum unveiled a grand exhibition celebrating the Spring Festival on Monday.
Work on Dunhuang murals influences painter's art
​The year 2018 means a lot to Chinese artist Xue Haitao, who gained praise from home and abroad after 30 years of accumulation.
Technology, charity sow arts seeds in rural soil
Fourth grader Wang Xinyao's favorite song is "You Raise Me Up," which she said tells her story of a countryside girl enlightened and empowered by a once out-of-reach arts education.
Chinese zodiac art exhibition opens in Palace Museum
A Chinese zodiac art exhibition opened in the Palace Museum in Beijing this weekend, featuring the works by traditional art master Han Meilin on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar.
Art exhibition on China-US relations kicks off
Art exhibition on China-U.S. relations kicks off in Houston
Exhibition to introduce imperial Spring Festival to public
The Palace Museum will hold an exhibition to unfold how the imperial court of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) celebrated the Spring Festival, according to China Youth Daily.
Old brands meld traditions, modern tastes
Old brands have to move on with the times to survive in an era of online retailing, and the historical brand shops in Shanghai are no exception.
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