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Probe reveals believers painted on ancient Buddha sculptures
The Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Cultural Heritage recently said that it had inspected two ancient stone carvings of Buddha in response to an online outcry about their condition.
Denmark holds exhibition of Chinese design
​A special exhibition entitled "Design China" opened at the Danish Chamber of Commerce's historic site Borssalen in central Copenhagen on Monday.
2018 Int'l Cultural Angel Arts Festival opens
​The 2018 International Cultural Angel Arts Festival was held in Los Angeles, children from China, the U.S. and Mexico performed a gala show.
Taiwan artist's big love for miniatures
​Imagine a sculpture of a playful, yellow monkey wagging its tail while holding a pink peach in its hands. It smiles from ear to ear, while its eyes vividly staring into the distance. Now imagine the monkey on the tip of a sharpened pencil.
Chinese fine art exhibition in Egypt deepens cultural ties
Egypt's capital Cairo embraces a seven-day Chinese fine art exhibition that is meant to promote mutual cultural ties between the two nations.
Exhibition in Malta remembers heroes of anti-fascist war
The Dust Covered Memory - The World Anti-Fascist War Photography & Painting Exhibition is being held at the China Cultural Center in Malta through Aug 31.
Artist conducts 'hot wave' performance art in Jilin
Chinese artist Kong Ning showcased her ecological performance art titled Hot Wave in Jilin city, Northeast China's Jilin province on Sunday to raise awareness of the global warming issue.
The history of photography at the Forbidden City
August 19, 2018 marks the 179th World Photography Day. Photography immediately became popular in Europe since it was first devised in 1839 by Mande Daguerre, a French artist.
Chinese-style fashion show in high mountains
A fashion show was held by Chinese designers Zhao Ziming, Deng Hao and Nicole at the Mount Qomolangma Base Camp, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region on Saturday.
Migration season for foreign e-commerce models
Every summer, thousands of foreign models chasing fashion success come to China, bracing for the country's e-commerce boom in the second half of the year and hoping to make a quick buck.
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