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Art & Design
Nanjing forum discusses digital empowerment of art
Various forms of digital art have been integrated into the fields of art and museology to initiate waves of reform.
Beijing launches global zodiac design competition
The 2023 Global Zodiac Design Competition, aiming to extensively collect design works related to the zodiac of the next year, kicked off in Beijing.
Friendship between teacher and students marked at exhibition
Dozens of ink-color paintings by Qi Baishi and two of his most accomplished disciples are now on display at the Beijing Fine Art Academy, where they all once worked as resident painters.
Photo exhibition chronicles Taiwan youths' hiking trips in mainland
​A photography exhibition, featuring images captured by Taiwan university students during their hikes in the southwestern regions of the mainland, kicked off in Taipei on Sunday.
China Art Festival to be held in Sept
The 13th China Art Festival will kick off in Beijing on Sept 1 and will end in Xiong'an New Area, Hebei province, on Sept 15, said the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on July 29.
Intangible cultural heritage exhibition held in Xinjiang
An intangible cultural heritage exhibition opened Sunday in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Chinese museum solicits cultural relics exhibits worldwide
The Capital Museum in Beijing has started soliciting cultural relics exhibits worldwide to promote traditional Chinese culture.
Exhibition offers young Yemeni artists opportunity to showcase talents, call for peace
In an art exhibition recently held in Sanaa, young Yemeni artists got a rare chance to showcase their talents, heal the wounds of the Yemenis' souls, and make an emotional call for peace amid a protracted civil war.
8 million-year-old hipparion fossils found in Xinjiang
Fossils of Hipparion fauna have been found in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Pingyao glazes a trail
Hand-polished lacquerware from an ancient Chinese town, promoted by a master artist and his dedicated disciples, is taking the world by storm.
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