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The symbolism behind Meizhou's Mazu chignon headdress
The traditional attire and headdress of the women of Meizhou Island in Putian is a provincial intangible cultural heritage.
Shanghai showcases Miyazaki's magic
Joint exhibition takes visitors to the fantastical worlds of Japan's beloved animator.
Art on the lips at hippiest cultural district in Hong Kong
Snap a picture of a Japanese avant-garde artist's rainbow-striped drape cascading from the ceiling of M+ Museum of visual culture in Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District, and it will end up on the surface of your latte from the coffee shop at the museum.
Immersive Studio Ghibli exhibition opens in Shanghai
An immersive Studio Ghibli exhibition showcasing the art and insights of legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki opened in Shanghai on April 12.
Actor Zhang Songwen inducted into Madame Tussauds Beijing
Chinese actor Zhang Songwen has been inducted into Madame Tussauds Beijing, with his wax figure unveiled at a ceremony on Thursday, coinciding with the wax museum's 10th anniversary since opening in China's capital.
China's Bronze Age art comes alive in exhibition in San Francisco
The exhibition, titled "Phoenix Kingdoms: The Last Splendor of China's Bronze Age," showcases more than 260 works from ancient Chinese Chu and Zeng kingdoms in the multistate Zhou Dynasty.
Oracle bone script art exhibition unveiled in South Africa
"The Spirits on Turtle Shells and Cattle Bones: Oracle Bone Script Art Exhibition" was unveiled on April 19 to celebrate the 2024 UN Chinese Language Day.
Chinese designs gaining popularity in Milan
Chinese designers from children to professionals are making waves in the Italian capital of fashion this week.
Overseas Chinese history museum opens new branch in S. China
​The Overseas Chinese History Museum of China has opened a new branch in the city of Chaozhou in south China's Guangdong Province.
Thangka art on show to celebrate Regong tradition and new cultural organization
Over 30 thangka paintings are now on show at the Aimer Art gallery in Beijing to present the diversity of thangka art.
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