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Art & Design
600-year series of the Imperial Palace - Bronze ware: The indelible mark of history
Bronze ware was called "gold" or "lucky gold" in ancient times.
Nearly 2.97 mln cultural performances held around China in 2019
Performing arts groups across China staged nearly 2.97 million performances last year, reaping around 12.78 billion yuan.
Chinese cultural relic restorers work to protect national treasures
Chinese cultural relic restorers have been dedicated to protecting national treasures, with the purpose of not only prolonging the life of cultural relics, but also being in dialogue with history.
Tech meets tradition
Qiao Xue sold handmade products worth 10,000 yuan ($1,400) in a minute on video-sharing platform Douyin.
China's Hubei reopens provincial museums, library
China's Hubei Province, once hit hard by COVID-19, on Sunday reopened five major public cultural venues in the latest move to return to normalcy after the COVID-19 epidemic tapered off in the province.
China celebrates Cultural and Natural Heritage Day
​China has launched multiple activities to celebrate this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on Saturday.
Traditional shoemaker steps up production
In the township of Tangchang, Lai Shufang carefully inspects the new cloth shoes she has made and trims the extra threads protruding from the edges.
China launches promotional events for intangible cultural heritage
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is set to launch a series of promotional events for intangible cultural heritage (ICH) as Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which falls on June 13 this year, draws near.
China Post puts its own stamp on children's cartoon
China Post recently issued a set of six stamps on the classic children's cartoon, Gourd Brothers, to commemorate the International Children's Day.
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