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Cross Cultural Dialogue - Greetings from Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Capital Museum of China present you festival greetings from directors of the world's top museums.
The only film for Spring Festival 2020
'Lost in Russia' will debut online to please Chinese audiences who just knew their Spring Festival film season is scrapped due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Scented sachets and the flourishing rural cultural industry
Craftswoman Wang Xiuying, 81, devotes her life to the small scented sachet, an intangible cultural heritage. Her sachets rise to greater fame after President Xi Jinping bought one to support her business in 2017.
Spring Festival blockbusters stage unprecedented retreat
In an unprecedented move, several studios with blockbusters slated to hit Chinese theaters during the Spring Festival urgently cancelled their release plans due to the virus outbreak.
The Chinese Zodiac: Rat
As an ancient folk tradition, the knowledge of Chinese zodiac is an integral part of Chinese culture.
Spring Festival film race sees records, uncertainties
Dramas and uncertainties loom on the Chinese film market as it anticipates a record-breaking Spring Festival holiday season.
'Leap' shows the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball team
Peter Chan's much-anticipated sports film "Leap" will hit Chinese theaters on Jan. 24, Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve.
Xiao Nian: When China's Spring Festival preparation gets real and busy
Xiao Nian marks the start of the Spring Festival season when every family is drumming up preparation for the annual festival.
Top 10 Chinese films in 2019 reviews the best films from China that define the year in one of the world's fastest booming film industries.
Top 5 Chinese dramas that became popular overseas in 2019
China has one of the biggest booming drama industries in the world. Dozens of new dramas are released every month, drawing in millions of viewers.
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