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Chinese culture-centric Lotus Festival blooms in LA
This year it is honoring China and the vibrant Chinese culture which has been an integral part of Los Angeles and California.
Roman-era clay tablet with verses from Homer's Odyssey unearthed
A Roman-era clay tablet with an engraved inscription clearly showing 13 verses from Homer's Odyssey was unearthed in Ancient Olympia.
Tearjerker portrays true story
A new film that tells a touching story based on China's medical reform and progress has soared to critically-acclaimed triumph and great box office success.
Art gives Namibian rural nomads a new lifeline
Indigenous Himba tribe people in Namibia have resorted to commercialized art as an occupation.
Beijing hosts 2018 China Art Education Expo
The 2018 China Art Education Expo was held June 30 in Beijing to mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up.
War Horse rides back into Beijing
The National Theater of Britain's widely successful production, War Horse, will return to Beijing from August 8 to Sept. 9, and tour other Chinese cities.
Ray Dalio shares 'Principles' with China
​Ray Dalio published his new book "Principles" in China and director Ye Fei shares insights on the billionaire investor and the book in her short documentary.
The Australian Ballet to embark on ninth China visit
The Australian Ballet announced that David McAllister with the Australian Ballet will tour to Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai in October 2018.
Li Bingbing nearly dies while shooting 'The Meg'
Chinese actress Li Bingbing revealed on Sunday in Shanghai that she nearly died while shooting the sci-fi horror film "The Meg."
Los Angelenos crazy about Chinese dumplings
Legend says that dumplings were 1st created in the Han Dynasty by a famous doctor named Zhang Zhongjing.
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