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First Beijing Nanhaizi Cultural Forum opens
The first Beijing Nanhaizi Cultural Forum was held in Daxing, Beijing. Well-known industry experts gathered together to discuss the inheritance and development of the Nanhaizi culture.
Projects launched to boost China, Mongolia publication partnership
The CCTSS Sino-Mongolian International Publishing Exchange Platform and the Sino-Mongolian Translation Workshop were launched by Chinese and Mongolian publishing agencies and translation institutions.
China advised to boost cultural industry with financial tools
China should boost its cultural industry through diverse fundraising approaches, various scholars, financers and government officials said while addressing the China Cultural Finance Summit.
Foreign writers write books to popularize Chinese culture
The international community is eager to know more about China, and many foreign writers are choosing to author books on China and help popularize Chinese culture worldwide.
'Crazy Rich Asians' also looks 'exotic' to Chinese
With lots of Chinese elements, the creators of the film "Crazy Rich Asians" hoped to embrace Chinese culture and the local market, however, this film also looks exotic to Chinese as to how it looks to the rest of the world.
'Better Angels' shows different path for China, US
"Better Angels," presents another path in people-to-people level relations between China and United States despite increased tensions recently.
Dolce & Gabbana faces widespread boycott in China
D&G founders apologized to Chinese people after facing a serious crisis as Chinese celebrities, collaborators and the public formed a boycott against the brand for the controversial racist remarks.
Zhang Yimou's film accused of stealing music
Zhang Yimou's "Shadow" met troubles with a music teacher and her team filing a lawsuit accusing the film's production studio of music theft.
Stan Lee's lost China projects before his death
Before Stan Lee died on Monday, the man behind the legendary Marvel Comics characters had great ambitions and passion to develop new heroes for the Chinese market.
Literary exchange forum highlights BRI
China International Publishing Group (CIPG) called for more literary works from both home and abroad focusing on epic stories about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
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