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Mid-Autumn Festival: An ancient love story Ⅱ
As well as the tale about the fairy maiden, Chang E Flying to the Moon, another tells the story of the jade rabbit which made medicine in heaven.
Disney maps out plans for China next year
Entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company will continue to soar in the Chinese market, based on its plans and projects coming out next year.
The history and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival presents you the history and customs of Mid-Autumn Festival, an old and traditional festival in China that dates back over a thousand years.
​Mid-Autumn Festival: An ancient love story
Behind almost every traditional Chinese festival, there are folklores and fairy tales, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is no exception.
Tang Xianzu Theater Festival to kick off in Fuzhou
The Tang Xianzu Theater Festival & International Theater Exchange Month will kick off in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province on Sept. 28.
Valiant Dr. Bussiere's story to be filmed
The life story of French doctor Jean Augustin Bussiere, known as France's version of Norman Bethune in China, will be portrayed in a film.
China celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival
With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, people across China are taking part in various activities to celebrate this special occasion.
'Game of Thrones' wins the third Emmy for best drama series
Game of Thrones bagged the best drama series award at the Primetime Emmy Awards 2018, the third time after it was awarded the maximum television awards in 2015 and 2016.
Pastry-makers develop a taste for innovation
Daoxiangcun is innovating its recipes and enhancing its packaging to popularize its 245-year-old culinary heritage among the country's young consumers.
Chinese artist's view of African art theme of Beijing display
Screen shots from artist Musquiqui Chihying's short video The Sculpture, which is on display in Beijing featuring videos, photos and installations on Sino-African ties.
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