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​Beijing Aquarium promotes protecting Chinese sturgeon
On April 22, Beijing Aquarium held an event marking Earth Day to promote the protection of the endangered Chinese sturgeon.
Michael Bay's new film to hit Chinese cinemas
Following the success of "Transformers" franchise, director Michael Bay's new action-thriller film "Ambulance" hopes to find similar popularity when it hits Chinese cinemas this weekend.
Deng Xiaoping biopic set for release
A biopic on the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping will be released nationwide on Friday, and has received several award nominations from the Nice International Film Festival.
Tsinghua integrates art and science to improve modern life
Tsinghua integrates art and science to improve modern life by establishing an innovation design institute.
Chinese characters — Where do you come from?
In 2010, the UN Chinese Language Day was set on the day of Guyu, in memory of Cangjie's contribution.
Films extend their theatrical run amid epidemic
The Chinese film market is suffering a massive blow from the COVID-19 resurgence. As a result, several films will extend their theatrical runs to allow more people to see them once they emerge from lockdown.
Mythological Chinese creature stars in new 'Fantastic Beasts' film
The Qilin, a legendary creature from Chinese mythology, plays a key role in the new installment of the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise, which hit Chinese screens on Friday amid the COVID-19 resurgence.
British scholar's book on shared human future launched
British professor Martin Albrow's latest book "China and the Shared Human Future: Exploring Common Values and Goals" was launched in Beijing on Wednesday.
Qingming Festival
This year's Qingming Festival is just around the corner. In preparation, here are some customs to know for this traditional Chinese festival.
Chinese keyword & Qingming Festival
The keyword for traditional Chinese Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Day, is the Chinese character 念 ("nian"), which means remembrance or to miss someone, as people consider the festival a day of commemoration.
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