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Kunqu opera reenacts an imperial saga
As one of the oldest traditional Chinese operas, Kunqu, which is about 600 years old, combines singing, dancing, martial arts and reciting lyrics.
Arthouse film portrays struggle of 'left-behind' children
When Li Junlin read the news that the number of China's "left-behind" children was estimated to have surpassed 60 million, the filmmaker recalled his early years as one of them.
Discovering Chinese culture in a tea cup
Inspired by a can of tea given to him by one of his Chinese friends in 2004, Hugh Henry began to enjoy the unique flavor and culture of Chinese tea.
The dazzling Jun porcelain
There is a folk saying in China, "piles of gold aren't worth a single piece of Jun porcelain," which fully explains the value of Jun porcelain that has been fervently sought by Chinese collectors generation after generation.
Longquan swords
Compared to sabers, rapiers or cutlasses that are more commonly seen in the West, Chinese swords are distinct in their look, and more importantly, rich connotation of culture.
Nagtsang: Thirty years at Tibetan Buddhism College
​The very first class of students at the High-level Tibetan Buddhism College of China held their graduation ceremony one June morning in 1988, at Beijing's Western Yellow Temple.
The Tibetan antelope
Due to its broad territory and diverse natural environment, China is home to the widest range of wildlife species with 6,266 kinds of vertebrates, including 2,404 kinds of terrestrial animals and 3,862 kinds of fish, which make up nearly 10 percent of the world's vertebrates.
Simple lessons on life
The Chinese version of a play based on incidents in ghettos during World War II is to be staged on the mainland toward the end of the year.
Director finds his touch
With his latest epic, "Legend of the Demon Cat," Chen Kaige, a leading figure among "China's fifth-generation filmmakers", has revived his reputation after a decade of flops.
New museum to bring to life Emperor Qin's chariot and horses
Northwest China's Shaanxi province has decided to build a museum to draw the public closer to a "national treasure", the bronze chariot and horses from the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).
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