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Internet pours sorrow to death of 'Chibi Maruko-chan' creator
Japanese manga artist Miki Miura, known by her pen name Momoko Sakura, passed away from breast cancer on Aug. 15.
A cultural shift
An exhibition titled Treasures of China will open as part of exchange program saw Saudi relics displayed in Beijing.
African student impresses with motor repairs and language skills
Wearing a blindfold, Liu Yang felt his way around a motor engine, searching for the heads of screws.
British diners refine appetites for Chinese cuisine
Poon, an immigrant from Hong Kong who arrived in the United Kingdom in 1967, said the secret of his success was his stubbornness. He never gave up traditional cooking methods.
Japan's cultural envoys make strong bid to boost China ties
When Mansaku Nomura was just 3 years old, he made his stage debut playing a monkey. That was in Tokyo in 1931. And now, aged 87, he is still active.
Afghanistan's National Archives promote ties with China
"Afghans are enthusiastic to further enhance cultural and educational ties with China," Mohammad Afsar Rahbin, director of the Afghanistan National Archives said.
Qixi Festival: More than Chinese Valentine's Day
The Qixi Festival - so-called Chinese Valentine's Day - was initially to highlight people's worship of nature and women's domestic skills.
Ancient Silk Road site preserves lakes, deserts, history and culture
Bortala, meaning "silver grassland" in Mongolian, is at the west part of Junggar Basin and shares a 372-kilometer border with Kazakhstan to the north.
Chinese artist pays tribute to legendary Hollywood actress
Fifty-four photos by Chinese artist Wang Xiao Hui, including her two portraits of legendary actress Audrey Hepburn, were on display in Shanghai.
Annual Tibet festival starts with thangka
Thousands of Tibetans and tourists celebrated an exhibition of giant thangka-religious images embroidered in silk-to mark the start of the annual shoton.
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