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Shanghai Disneyland previews new Zootopia land
Shanghai Disney Resort revealed details on Tuesday of its highly anticipated Zootopia-themed land and some of the technological innovations involved, generating much excitement among fans.
Anthony Chen: China inspires me to find creative breakthroughs

In a recent interview with, Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen said that China had inspired him to achieve creative breakthroughs during the making of his new romantic feature film, "The Breaking Ice."

Find the hottest China-chic products on Beijing Qianmen Street
Beijing's Central Axis showcased China-chic products from century-old stores. Handcrafted cotton shoes made using traditional techniques, ornate silver jewelry recalling ancient dynasties, and refreshing ice cream infused with classic teas represent living heritage.
​Christopher Nolan: 'Oppenheimer' still relevant to world today
Christopher Nolan's new film "Oppenheimer" triumphed in China following its release last weekend, with the director saying he believes the film serves as a cautionary tale for a world that remains under the shadow of nuclear threat.
'Gran Turismo' delivers an authentic, thrilling race car experience
Neill Blomkamp's biographical sports drama film, "Gran Turismo," which details the true story of Jann Mardenborough, made its debut in the Chinese film market on Sept. 1.
Chinese film market has a record-breaking summer
China's summer box office exceeded 20.6 billion yuan ($2.84 billion), indicating that the film market has fully revived.
Abacus-based Zhusuan and its Chinese keywords
Chinese Zhusuan refers to the knowledge and practice of performing arithmetic calculations using an abacus. It was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013.
Legal drama explores gripping story of unconventional love
The legal drama "Heart's Motive," starring and produced by renowned Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, explores a heart-wrenching yet thrilling story about an unconventional love between outcasts.
Nolan premieres 'Oppenheimer' at Universal Beijing Resort
Renowned British filmmaker Christopher Nolan started his China tour by premiering his latest film "Oppenheimer" at Universal Beijing Resort on Tuesday, greeting enthusiastic Chinese fans and stunning the audience with the power of IMAX cinema.
'Sing! China' suspended after Coco Lee controversy
Zhejiang Satellite TV announced on Friday that it has temporarily suspended the popular singing contest reality show "Sing! China" because of recent controversies.
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