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Hong Kong anniversary film festival kicks off in Beijing
A Hong Kong film festival to mark the 25th anniversary of the city's return to its motherland opened in Beijing on Friday.
Qixi: Different cultures, shared pursuit for dexterity
Qixi, the Chinese valentine's day, falls annually on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar.
Beijing film festival receives 1,450 award entries
The upcoming 12th Beijing International Film Festival has received 1,450 domestic and foreign films to compete for the festival's coveted Tiantan Award.
'Moon Man': Off-the-wall sci-fi comedy to hook audiences
"Moon Man," the sci-fi comedy film skyrocketing in the Chinese film market, is, according to its director, a one-man space fantasia exploring the desperation and dilemmas of a person.
Chinese keyword & Qixi Festival
The Chinese character 爱 ("ai"), meaning love, is the keyword for China's Qixi Festival. This traditional festival has a history of around 2,000 years and originates from a romantic tale. This year, it falls on Aug. 4. Let's find out more about its romantic history and unique traditions.
​Inner Mongolia to boost ethnic filmmaking
A strategic development committee was founded on July 23 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, aimed at promoting local ethnic filmmaking.
​New Chinese animation explores Sanxingdui Ruins
A new animated feature adapted from the popular comic series "Crazy! Kwai Boo" will hit China on Friday, taking the audience on an adventure of Bronze Age China.
Mickey Mouse art exhibition arrives in Beijing
"Mickey: The True Original & Ever Curious" opened at the 798 Art Center on July 23.
Enjoying a banquet in ancient times
Have you ever dreamed of traveling back to ancient times to experience a meal accompanied by traditional performances? One themed restaurant on Beijing's Qianmen Street is helping diners do just that.
​Camera team risk lives to world's highest mountain
A critically-acclaimed documentary portrays a team of heroic civilian mountaineers who risked their lives to climb the world's highest mountain.
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