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Film industry prepares to endure hard time
Nearly all domestic-made Chinese films have canceled their release plans during the country's Qingming Festival due to a raging COVID-19 resurgence.
Marking traditional Qingming Festival
The Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival is one of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling on April 4-6 each year. It is the high time for spring plowing and sowing.
​Ukiyo-e woodblock print exhibition opens in Beijing
An exhibition of ukiyo-e woodblock prints opened in Beijing on Saturday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations.
Sci-fi disaster film 'Moonfall' hits China amid pandemic
On Friday, the sci-fi disaster film "Moonfall" hit Chinese screens. It is one of the most expensive independently produced films ever made and received heavy investment from a Chinese film company.
​Zhang Yimou to direct two new films after Olympics
It was recently announced that celebrated Chinese director Zhang Yimou will return to making movies, following on from presenting fabulous Olympic ceremonies to the world.
​IMAX hits $10B milestones in lifetime box office gross
With the release of "The Batman" in China and its continued solid performances in other markets, the world's leading entertainment technology company IMAX has gone beyond $10 billion in its lifetime grosses.
Batman returns to China, fresh and noir
After a year-long absence of Hollywood superhero movies in the Chinese market, "The Batman" finally landed on Friday, with a fresh approach to the beloved caped crusader franchise with its original, noir, and detective essence.
The 24 solar terms in poetry and painting-Awakening of Insects
As the third solar term in the lunar year, its name alludes to the fact that animals sleeping in winter are awakened by spring thunder and that the earth begins to come back to life.
What attracted me to China, its culture and language
With its unique cuisine, fascinating language and distinctive culture, China has something for everyone.
Tom Holland pays respect to Jackie Chan in 'Uncharted'
Tom Holland, the star of the Hollywood action-adventure film "Uncharted," said he paid tribute to Chinese action star Jackie Chan in his new movie, which will hit the Chinese market on Mar. 14.
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