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Tai Chi brings 'balanced' life to 93-year-old woman
Doreen Hynd, a passionate and energetic woman who lives in the United States, said she attributes her vigor to a lifetime love of and persistent practice of Tai Chi Chuan.
Black List creator offers shortcut to success
Franklin Leonard's speech recalling the dramatic birth of The Black List quickly captured the attention of the Chinese audience.
UN celebrates 9th Chinese Language Day
United Nations marked ninth Chinese Language Day at headquarters in New York.
Beijing film festival's crown jewel
"The Stormy Night" was brought back to life at the Beijing International Film Festival after it was lost in history for nearly a century.
Indie film explores rural family hardships
The indie film held its Chinese premiere in Beijing on Saturday, highlighting the plight of the country's rural "left-behind" children with a narrative that is somehow relaxed, playful and humorous.
Chinese ballet performer dances his dream in Houston
If the world of dance has taught Chun Wai Chan one thing, it's the value of following his dreams.
The new Lara Croft rises
Fifteen years after her debut, "Tomb Raider" heroine Lara Croft is back. In an interview with, the creators of the reboot said they wanted to bring something new to this familiar character.
Qingming Festival: Mix of sadness and happiness
The Qingming Festival falls on April 5 this year. Let's see why the ancient Chinese people chose that date and how it got its name.
New literary prize inspires young writers
A new literary prize of 300,000 yuan ($47,700) has been set up to encourage talented Chinese writers under the age of 45 to become established and successful writers.
Chinese cake artist stuns the world with historical fondant art
Inspired by Chinese culture, Zhou Yi has a lot to tell about the edible artworks that have gone viral on the internet in China.
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