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Finding joy in collectible toys
A collectible toy exhibition organized by leading Chinese creative toymaker 52TOYS is being held in Beijing.
​Superstar Jay Chou breaks records with new music
Pop icon Jay Chou broke the internet by releasing his first single from his new album on Wednesday, proving his dominant status in the Chinese music world.
Director tries hand at sci-fi to inspire children
With his new sci-fi comedy, Chinese director Chen Sicheng hopes to inspire children to follow their dreams.
Sean Lau goes 'crazy' again in new HK crime film
After his 2007 cult classic "Mad Detective," veteran Hong Kong actor Sean Lau once again plays a crazy cop in director Wai Ka-Fai's latest thrilling effort "Detective Vs. Sleuths," which was released on Friday.
Marvelous ceramic artworks born to shine in a difficult time
A number of marvelous and elegant ceramic artworks made by Tsinghua students during COVID-19 are now on display for the 2022 Online Graduation Exhibition of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (AADTHU).
Top 10 HK movies since return to motherland selects and reviews the 10 best films made in Hong Kong in the 25 years after 1997, when the city returned to the motherland, in order to showcase Hong Kong filmmakers' creativity, uniqueness, and hard work.
Chinese cities mark HK anniversary with classic film screenings
Classic Hong Kong movies will be screened in cities across Guangdong province, as well as Beijing and other cities, to mark the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.
'Three-Body' leads Tencent Video's upcoming blockbusters
Tencent Video has revealed release details of more than 70 potential online series and 25 online movies, including the hotly anticipated sci-fi series "Three-Body."
Translation promotes communication by crossing languages, cultures
The 10th Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum (APTIF) opened in Beijing on June 25, gathering experts and professionals to shed light on the role of translation and interpreting in communication.
HK's iconic floating Jumbo restaurant sinks
The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, a cultural icon and one of Hong Kong's most famous floating restaurants, capsized and sank on Sunday.
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