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The 60th birthday celebration: Respect for seniors
China's Korean ethnic minority, which lives in the country's northeast provinces, traditionally holds grand celebrations on the 60th birthday of family elders.
West Bund: Cultural cluster on the Huangpu River
With a romantic and elegant ambience, the West Bund area in Shanghai, which once scintillated on the Maritime Silk Road, continues to thrive today.
Mongolian milk tea: The beverage of home
The culture of milk tea is strongly rooted in the life of Mongolians, hence the reason why so much value is placed on the process and materials for making milk tea.
Musical theater on the rise in China
The assistant director of the Chinese adaptation of "Jekyll & Hyde" said homegrown musicals can one day catch up to Broadway.
Lee Hom Wang' new album explores impact of AI
Lee Hom Wang believes pop music can deliver more than just pure entertainment, and in his forthcoming album he explores the impact AI will have on our lives.
Chinese pop music looks for modern sky in LA
"Modern Sky Music Festival created a great opportunity for us to communicate with Chinese music fans, meanwhile we may refresh foreign people's stereotype."
For a better timbre: the art of Morin Khuur making
Cha Risu, a Mongolian craftsman, has persisted in making Morin Khuur (also known as the horsehead fiddle) for 17 years.
Wuqiao circus festival helps keep old art alive with fresh ideas
Wang Yang grew up with watching acrobatic performances and his favorite activity as a kid was doing handstands and turning somersaults.
British actress Vanessa Redgrave presents her film on refugee crisis
Acclaimed British actress Vanessa Redgrave brought her directorial debut film "Sea Sorrow" on the refugee crisis for a special screening in Athens on Friday evening.
Motorcycle stunt men challenge records
A Chinese motorcycle stunt performing team are trying to challenge a Guinness world record as well to support their families.
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