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Legal drama explores gripping story of unconventional love
The legal drama "Heart's Motive," starring and produced by renowned Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, explores a heart-wrenching yet thrilling story about an unconventional love between outcasts.
Nolan premieres 'Oppenheimer' at Universal Beijing Resort
Renowned British filmmaker Christopher Nolan started his China tour by premiering his latest film "Oppenheimer" at Universal Beijing Resort on Tuesday, greeting enthusiastic Chinese fans and stunning the audience with the power of IMAX cinema.
'Sing! China' suspended after Coco Lee controversy
Zhejiang Satellite TV announced on Friday that it has temporarily suspended the popular singing contest reality show "Sing! China" because of recent controversies.
​'Raid on the Lethal Zone' honors China's border police
Prolific filmmaker Herman Yau's latest film pays homage to China's border defense police as they deal with a drug gang.
​Herman Yau explores new direction for HK movies with mainland IP adaptation
Hong Kong director Herman Yau said he would explore a new direction for Hong Kong movies through his latest venture, "Death Notice."
Beijing Philharmonic Choir celebrates 40th anniversary
The renowned Beijing Philharmonic Choir marks its 40th anniversary this year, highlighting four decades of unparalleled musical excellence and love throughout the year.
​Teen romance movie set for Qixi Festival release
A romantic film about two young lovers, "Just For Meeting You," is leading the Qixi Festival film market.
Twenty-Four Solar Terms and its Chinese keywords
The Twenty-Four Solar Terms represent a knowledge system and set of social practices through which the Chinese structure their understanding of astronomical laws and their connection with the natural world.
Popular French animated superhero film debuts in China
The highly anticipated animated feature "Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie," based on the popular French TV animation franchise, opens in China.
China's 2023 summer box office smashes records
According to statistics from the National Film Administration, China's box office revenue for the 2023 summer movie season starting on June 1 had exceeded 17.8 billion yuan as of Friday morning, setting a new record.
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