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China's cinemas move up to 50% occupancy this weekend
Cinemas in many Chinese cities will be able to operate at 50% capacity as blockbusters hit the Chinese film market this weekend.
All-star cast revealed for China's 'Turandot' film
A stellar lineup featuring homegrown favorites and international movie stars was revealed Monday for the Chinese film adaptation of Giacomo Puccini's famous opera "Turandot." 
China's 'Charlie Chaplin' bridges cultures
Wang Hua, a veteran Chinese performer and regular Charlie Chaplin impersonator, mixes the comedic clown style of China's Peking Opera with Western mime.
'Mausoleum keeper' sticks to original aspirations to promote Liezi culture
A man has become a keeper of the mausoleum of his native ancient celebrity Liezi, thus inheriting his philosophy and intangible culture, a local newspaper has reported.
Gold flow shines at contemporary art show
A sparkling line-up of artistic works displayed at an exhibition entitled "Gold Flow" explores the causes and consequences of the hedonistic and ostentatious modern life of humans.
John Muto: Working with Michael Jackson's son amid pandemic
A charity executive has told of the experience of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles with his co-founder and alumnus Prince Jackson.
Christopher Nolan season helps revive Chinese film market
Christopher Nolan's long-awaited spy sci-fi blockbuster "Tenet" set an early September release date in China.
Shanghai holds world's first film festival since coronavirus
The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) is an important milestone in the return to normal urban life, and a strong signal that the Chinese film industry is ready to kick back into action.
How filmmakers document COVID-19 frontline in Wuhan
A group of Chinese and foreign filmmakers shared their stories and what they had witnessed and felt during time on the frontline when China was first fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
Creators of Pixar's 'Soul' share their vision
Creators of "Soul" shared their creative ideas and process of making this visionary story at a forum titled "Creative Storytelling and Expression of Emotion in Animation Filmmaking" at the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.
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