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Dolce & Gabbana faces widespread boycott in China
D&G founders apologized to Chinese people after facing a serious crisis as Chinese celebrities, collaborators and the public formed a boycott against the brand for the controversial racist remarks.
Zhang Yimou's film accused of stealing music
Zhang Yimou's "Shadow" met troubles with a music teacher and her team filing a lawsuit accusing the film's production studio of music theft.
Stan Lee's lost China projects before his death
Before Stan Lee died on Monday, the man behind the legendary Marvel Comics characters had great ambitions and passion to develop new heroes for the Chinese market.
Literary exchange forum highlights BRI
China International Publishing Group (CIPG) called for more literary works from both home and abroad focusing on epic stories about the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
'Venom' smashes China's box office records
The anti-hero blockbuster "Venom" swept the Chinese box office last weekend, taking a record 766 million yuan (US$110 million) within three days, Sony Pictures announced.
Venturing through internet in new 'Wreck-It Ralph'
Disney's new animated feature "Ralph Breaks the Internet" will feature hundreds of hidden Easter eggs, including Disney princesses, Stan Lee, Star Wars and Chinese internet giants.
Acupuncture proves its point
China's ancient medical remedy of acupuncture is gaining global popularity after proving to be an effective treatment for illnesses and ailments that Western medicine still struggles to cure.
Chinese novelist Zhou Libo remembered
A symposium to commemorate the 110th birth anniversary of the famous Chinese novelist and translator Zhou Libo was held in Beijing on Tuesday.
Most famous wuxia novelist Jin Yong's legacy will continue
The world famous Chinese martial arts novelist Louis Cha, also known by his pen name of Jin Yong, died aged 94 in Hong Kong on Tuesday and his legacy will continue to shine through in the coming years.
Airman's daughter thankful to museum
A memorial hall was launched on Thursday in remembrance of the heroic raid and the selflessness of Quzhou villagers who helped rescue US pilots.
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