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Jackie Chan vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in new film
A new fantasy film raised some eyebrows in the audience contemplating Chinese kung fu star Jackie Chan faced an epic battle with American action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.
'Ne Zha' set to raise benchmark of Chinese animation
The upcoming Chinese animated feature "Ne Zha" will not only revive the lukewarm Chinese summer film season, but also set a new milestone for the domestic animation industry.
Marvel casts first Chinese superhero Shang-Chi
Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige unveils the line-up of feature films for the next two years, including the first stand-alone Chinese superhero flick "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings."
All that glitters is not gold
Opening its doors at the Palace Museum on Tuesday, Longquan of the World: Longquan Celadon and Globalization will run through Oct. 20.
Cannes hit 'Next Gen' set for China release
The Chinese animated sci-fi production "Next Gen" is set to wow domestic audiences from this Friday, judging by the reactions at Tuesday's premiere.
Japanese clapper talk performer makes China his home
Clapper talk is a traditional Chinese form of narrative singing accompanied by a pair of bamboo clappers to mark the beats.
'The Bravest' completes mission impossible
The upcoming Chinese firemen blockbuster, "The Bravest," was supposed to be an impossible film to make, its original writer has said; nonetheless it's unprecedented and inspiring.
Bookplates turn a new page at a Tianjin museum
The print art of ex-libris - bookplates that express ownership or one's passion for reading and books - is somewhat niche, and to possess ex-libris represents the owner's high taste.
Famous tenor gives public lecture on art education
A public lecture on art education for teenagers was given by famous tenor Dai Yuqiang in Beijing on the evening of July 10, attracting nearly 500 attendees.
'The Lion King' CGI remake arouses nostalgia in China
The cheers and applause heard at the Chinese premiere for the computer-animated remake of Disney's iconic "The Lion King" in Shanghai indicate that it will strike a responsive nostalgic chord in the hearts of a wide audience.
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