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Artist's exhibition offers new take on Western masterpieces
If visitors at oil painter Xie Nanxing's latest show Spices in Beijing are confused by the event's title, they are in the right place.
Ancient Dongba culture expected to endure in digital era
Efforts to digitally record and preserve the ancient indigenous culture of Dongba in Lijiang and Shangri-la, Yunnan province, have proved successful.
A brief history of Stephen Hawking on screens
The author of A Brief History of Time lived his words in life. Apart from his tremendous contribution to science, he also appeared in a considerable number of films and sitcoms as a humorous man – both as himself or portrayed by others.
Ru ware, an ethereal shade of blue
Named after its origin – the official kiln in Ruzhou, Henan Province, the Ru porcelain ware is recognized as the best of its time as well as in the entire history of Chinese ceramics.
Myth and life
To attract more visitors amid a sluggish book business in China, many bookstores are renovating furnishings and decorations, and are selling coffee, cake and cultural products such as bags and postcards, as well as hosting events or lectures.
Rich heritage showcased at Chinese museums
Chinese museums currently attract 900 million annual visits. And with more museums opening up, the footfalls are set to keep growing.
Female sculptor infuses culture into Shoushan stone carvings
Among the 130-odd types of Shoushan stones mined in Shoushan village, East China's Fujian province, Huakeng stone is a more readily available and less precious type compared with other rare ones.
Taking a new role
For Feng Yuanzheng, the character of An Jiahe he played in the 2001 series Don't Respond to Strangers used to define him. But he now has bigger responsibilities. 
2018 Oscar night glitters gold of true winners
Oscar Night is the jewel in the crown of Hollywood's glittering award season, which is the best and brightest gathering to celebrate the industry's most accomplished creative talents.
Lantern Festival celebrated with annual traditions
Held on the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese Lantern Festival has long-standing and treasured traditions.
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