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Man of letters finds words of inspiration
De Laurentis is a researcher with years of experience in studying modern Chinese, ancient Chinese and Chinese calligraphy in China.
International Museum Day: Exploration of museums about ancient Shu (Sichuan)
The ancient Shu civilization originating in Sichuan and surrounding area from ancient times to early spring and autumn period is the ancient civilization different from Central Plains civilization but related to it. 
China's cinemas are allowed to reopen amid crisis
The world's second largest film market will be allowed to resume operations under the condition of implementing COVID-19 prevention and control measures.
Restorers of Xumishan Grottoes prove to be picture of dedication
It's the first repair and recovery project carried out at the 1,500-year-old grottoes since the Qing Dynasty.
5,300-year-old city ruins discovered in central China
Newly discovered city ruins suggest that Chinese civilization may be over 5,300 years old.
Smart Cinema app changing the world via smartphones
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese movies have still managed to make their way out into the world and onto smartphones overseas, according to Smart Cinema CEO Jack Gao.
First-ever Chinese village with Starbucks
Yuanjiacun Village is also the first-ever village in the hinterland of northwest China to have a Starbucks store that is not at all surprising for those who live in cities across the country.
Cultural connection vital amid coronavirus lockdown
British historian and TV presenter Michael Wood is delighted to see that his documentary about Du Fu has helped boost cultural understanding between different cultures.
Discovered ruins point to older civilization
Archaeologists recently unveiled newly discovered city ruins in Central China, which reveal an ancient state dating back 5,300 years.
TCM irreplaceable to treat viral infectious diseases
Traditional Chinese medicine has played a significant role and is irreplaceable in treating viral infectious diseases from the experiences drawn from the COVID-19 epidemic, said a Chinese TCM expert.
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