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​Heartwarming paintings by autistic children on display in Beijing
A three-day exhibition featuring works by autistic children opened in Beijing on Thursday. The event aims to draw social attention and support, enhancing care for these children.
The Spring Festival cultural feast along the Grand Canal: Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year in a museum
The Grand Canal Museum of Beijing, situated on the bank of the over 1,400-year-old Beijing section of the Grand Canal, opened bustling markets highlighting intangible cultural heritage.
Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year in a library
Three major cultural landmarks in Beijing's sub-center opened to the public on December 27, 2023. They hosted a series of cultural events with a festive atmosphere during the Spring Festival holiday.
Lantern Festival illuminated by traditional Chinese artistry
Ma Haijie, a fourth-generation inheritor of a traditional Beijing lantern-making craft known as Lantern Huang, is dedicated to passing down these skills to an increasing number of people across China.
​March packed with Hollywood blockbusters and re-releases in China
After February's Spring Festival season, Hollywood blockbusters will flock to China in March in an attempt to woo audiences.
16 must-celebrate days during Spring Festival: Day for Worshiping God of Fortune
As a traditional festival custom, worshiping the God of Fortune on the fifth day of the first lunar month is another important activity that follows the celebrations on the first day. In 2024, this day falls on Feb. 14.
China's Spring Festival box office sets new record
China's box office revenue during this year's eight-day Spring Festival holiday exceeded 8 billion yuan ($1.11 billion), setting a new record for the period.
Jia Ling's dramatic transformation for new film goes beyond weight loss
Actress and director Jia Ling's dramatic weight loss for her new film "YOLO" has stunned audiences, yet she aims to impart a message that transcends her physical transformation.
Director Ning Hao explores communication in 'The Movie Emperor'
Director Ning Hao stated that his new film, "The Movie Emperor," is essentially a simple art-house-style comedy that focuses on exploring the reasons for and consequences of the lack of communication between people.
Keywords to understand China: Spring Festival
​Learn about the Spring Festival and all the customs, traditions, and history associated with China's most important holiday with Einar Tangen. From the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, we wish everyone a great Year of the Dragon.
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