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'Remember Me' director explores love
Xu Wei, director of the tear-jerking film "Remember Me," told that love is at the heart of his new film and urged people to act when they feel love for someone.
​UNESCO intangible cultural heritage: Tibetan opera
Tibetan opera is a form of performance art that is deeply embedded with traditional Tibetan culture. It is most popular in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau area in southwestern China.
​'Dune: Part Two' shows cinema's power
Sci-fi epic "Dune: Part Two" hit Chinese theaters last weekend. With its presentation in premium large formats like IMAX, the film showcases the true power of cinema.
​Macao holds 1st international comedy festival
The first Macao International Comedy Festival kicked off in Macao, southern China, on Monday, with filmmaker Zhang Yimou and renowned comedians in attendance. The festival is set to feature various international comedy films and theatrical plays to entertain audiences.
16 must-celebrate days during Spring Festival: Dragon Head-raising Day
The Dragon Head-raising Day is on the second day of the second lunar month. This year, it falls on March 11. Its customs are closely related to ancient Chinese people's worship of nature and their dependence on agriculture for sustenance.
CPPCC member appeals to bolster ethnographic films
A national political advisor suggests investing more in ethnographic films, which holds potential for cultural exchange and for conveying authentic Chinese stories to the world.
​'Oppenheimer' sweeps 2024 Oscars with seven wins
The biopic about the "father of the atomic bomb" is this year's big winner at the Oscars, winning seven awards including best picture and best director. Chinese moviegoers can view a re-release of the film now with other Oscar winners also seeing screenings in the country soon.
​Tear-jerking film on redemption of Yue opera star
The makers of "Off the Stage," which follows a famous Yue opera actress as she attempts to reconnect with her estranged sons, recently discussed the movie ahead of its nationwide release on March 8, International Women's Day.
CPPCC member: China must create more influential cultural icons
Renowned artist Shu Yong has called for the creation of more influential national cultural icons to strengthen China's global soft power.
Lang Lang's newest release explores France's classical music antiquity
Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang released a new classical album on Friday, promising to bring overlooked gems from the French classical world to audiences worldwide.
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