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Taking a new role
For Feng Yuanzheng, the character of An Jiahe he played in the 2001 series Don't Respond to Strangers used to define him. But he now has bigger responsibilities. 
2018 Oscar night glitters gold of true winners
Oscar Night is the jewel in the crown of Hollywood's glittering award season, which is the best and brightest gathering to celebrate the industry's most accomplished creative talents.
Lantern Festival celebrated with annual traditions
Held on the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar, the Chinese Lantern Festival has long-standing and treasured traditions.
Jack Ma: Martial arts movie master
Jack Ma doesn't typically come to mind when you think of someone who can casually neutralize combatants half his age in fearsome martial arts battles.
Beijing museum display rare Tibetan masterpiece
The rarely seen masterpiece Bunian Tu, also known as Emperor Taizong Receiving the Tibetan Envoy, is on show at an ongoing exhibition in Beijing.
Huntingon's 'Feeling Chinese' as it rings in Chinese New Year
Thousands of American visitors and tourists enjoyed the activities of a Chinese New Year celebration held in Huntington Library, Los Angeles on Sunday.
A zodiac cycle of "Finnish Spring Festival"
Spring Festival celebrations adds lively colors, cheerful laughter and harmonious atmosphere to Finland.
Movie guide for Spring Festival 2018 previews the upcoming movie releases set for the Spring Festival holiday, the most lucrative film season of the year.
Embracing the Year of the Dog
In the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. To celebrate, filmed an exhibition in Beijing themed around the zodiac and the ties between humans and dogs.
Ceramics master keeps celadon culture alive in Quzhou
Tang Wei, a master in the art of celadons, has tried hard to preserve the time-honored culture and tradition of the ceramics in Quzhou City, a city in eastern China.
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