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A Car-lovers' Paradise in Fengtai
With an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters and housing over 80 vintage cars from China and abroad, Beijing Auto Museum is China's first government-funded public museum for automobiles.
Festival to celebrate a bumper crop
One of several ethnic groups in northwest China, the Tu people mainly live in Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. Each summer after threshing the wheat, the Tus will hold recreational activities to celebrate a good harvest.
Plastic surgery challenges gender equality
A documentary reflecting the prevalence of plastic surgery among women around the world has aroused public awareness on how women have been misguided by commercial hype.
Looking into the Chinese 'Mirror'
Interdisciplinary work is a fundamental skill in the current international scientific and academic discourse. However, profound intercultural cooperation is only possible under the maxim of exchange on an equal footing: The experience must be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.
Tong Ren Tang sailing into overseas markets
The leading traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand, Tong Ren Tang, now has a presence on five continents.
A financer's venture into the cultural field
Upon their return, Wang Wei and Cui Jindu both realized that China needed such a museum, and immediately set about establishing one.
Connecting with art
Two major works on the Belt and Road Initiative will be on display at the upcoming Beijing International Art Biennale.
Sri Lankan writer launches second book on China
A travelogue unfolds a Sri Lankan perspective of SW China’s Tibet.
Why Nolan's 'Dunkirk' is different to other war classics
"Dunkirk" is structured on musical principles which continually accelerate the action, and defines itself from traditional war films.
The making of the BRICS Evening Gala
The creators of the BRICS Evening Gala in Xiamen shared insights with about how they made the magnificent stage event for leaders of the five BRICS countries and audiences around the world.
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