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Kunqu Opera 'Jing Yang Zhong' wins at Tokyo Festival
"Jing Yang Zhong," the first 3D Kunqu Opera, won the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival on Friday.
Veteran theater director makes Wuzhen debut
It is 5 am and Tadashi Suzuki is awake. The Japanese theater director enjoys walking in Wuzhen, the ancient town of canals located in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province.
China's rocket heroes' story gets an English edition
China's national spirit has become a focus of publishing recently. "The Untold Story of China's First A-Bomb, H-Bomb and Orbiting Satellite" is being translated into English by Foreign Language Press and is set for publication in 2019.
Chinese embroidery: depicting the world through stitches
Chinese embroidery is a traditional craft dating back two or even three millennia. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), a custom prevailed of embellishing clothes with embroidery.
Peking opera gala marks China's Seniors' Day
A grand Peking opera performance was staged at Daxing Theatre in Beijing to celebrate the traditional Chinese holiday, Chongyang Festival.
Hollywood blockbusters flock to Chinese market
A slew of Hollywood blockbusters is going to hit Chinese theaters in an epic showdown before end of this year, hopefully boosting the lukewarm Chinese market.
Biopic of Li Na starts filming in secret
Filming has started for the much-anticipated biopic based on the life story and glories of China's superstar tennis player Li Na -- despite it still being unclear who will play the protagonist.
Fuzhou stages Tang Xianzu Theater Festival
Fuzhou of Jiangxi province, the hometown of 17th century playwright Tang Xianzu, has staged a grand theater festival to commemorate the "Shakespeare of the East."
Mai Jia takes 'Message' to Frankfurt Book Fair
Chinese author Mai Jia appeared at Mai Jia's Night event in Frankfurt on Oct 9, the day when the world's first biggest book fair opened.
Feeling Fuzhou: City of theater and dreams
Fuzhou of Jiangxi province, the hometown of Tang Xianzu, a renowned Chinese playwright, looks to become a city of theater and dreams.
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