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US art historian in love with Dunhuang
The 74-year-old US art historian Mimi Gates has passionately participated in the conservation of the Dunhuang relics for years.
Perfecting the art of murder
After the success of "Dunkirk," Kenneth Branagh returns to Chinese cinemas with a remake of an Agatha Christie classic.
24 Solar Terms: The Beginning of Winter
The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. The Beginning of Winter, the 19th solar term of the year, begins this year on Nov. 7.
Golf: China's ancient game?
The old imperial paintings show clubs bearing a striking similarity to modern golf equipment – long, narrow shafts with distinct heads for striking the ball.
Berlin Philharmonic returns to Shanghai with sellout shows
All the tickets for the two upcoming Berlin Philharmonic concerts in Shanghai sold out within 26 hours on Sept 17 and 18, a record for a live performance.
Suzhou ballet troupe takes to Europe
In 2007, ballerina Li Ying decided to retire at the age of 38. It was a tough decision because she had foot surgeries twice already and had been forced to endure the pain of recovery while dancing.
Career in comics
Cartoons have been an indispensable part of Ao Yo-siang's childhood since he can remember. In primary school, Ao created fictional storylines to sketch four-panel comics on workbooks entertaining classmates.
Remembering a pioneering designer
Zhang Ding (1917-2010) could barely contain his excitement when he retired from the head of the Central Academy of Arts and Design, now Tsinghua University's arts and design academy, in 1984. He was then 67.
Saying no to poaching
Despite the brutality of poaching, many antique collectors still value rhino horn over live animals.
Sylvia Chang deals with love in her latest film
Sylvia Chang didn't care to make sacrifices for love in her youth. But now aged 64, the veteran Taiwan filmmaker re-ponders the complexity of love in her upcoming movie "Love Education."
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