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Writing online literature requires an undaunting soul
The relatively new job title of web novelist has become a potential career path for the more than 8 million new graduates entering the job market this year.
China to turn sci-fi novel into live-action drama
​China is turning Liu Cixin's Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel "The Three-Body Problem" into a live-action TV drama though the release date has yet to be unveiled.
Forum looks at new normal for post-pandemic film industry
International film executives and filmmakers discussed and projected the new normal and new challenges for the global film industry at the Shanghai Intentional Film Festival.
Online gaming, e-sports boom amid COVID-19 pandemic
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold across the globe, people are spending more time and money on games to fill the empty hours of lockdown and isolation.
Executives explore how to restart China's film industry
Film executives discussed how to get China's film industry back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic at the opening forum of the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival.
China's first TV host dies at 87
China's first ever TV anchor Shen Li, who is the country's pioneer TV icon when appeared on screen in 1958, died at the age of 87 in Beijing on Tuesday.
Hollywood blockbusters set China release dates
Several high-profile older releases and new Hollywood blockbusters, including the first installment of the Harry Potter franchise and Oscar-winning "1917," announced release dates in China.
Chinese animations gaining ground
During the past few years, a refined education system and improved working environment have created a significant upsurge in the Chinese animation industry.
IMAX welcomes audiences back to theaters in China
Giant screen theatrical experience provider IMAX welcomes audiences back to theaters in China after six months of closures.
156,500 moviegoers flock to cinemas on first day of reopening
Total box office takings in China on Monday — the first day cinemas reopened after a 179-day shutdown — hit 3.49 million yuan, with a total of 156,500 admissions.
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